Santa came a lil' early....

TA DA!!! Why did Santa come early? Because I was grossly negligent with my last camera. A really nice one that my dh gave me LAST year for Christmas. I dropped it while taking pictures on the first day of school and even though my dh took it in to get it fixed- it was never the same. I wanted one that was small and could fit in my purse.

That is also the reason I haven't posted much this week. Never fear dear friends!! I will be back in the saddle as soon as she is done charging up!!!! Have a great weekend Folks!


Amanda said…
YEAH! I like my small camera too:) I got it last year for Christmas also. I just throw it in the diaper bag:) if I didn't have a tiny purse it would fit in there too. I am glad your back!
gibblove said…
Yeah! I got my small camera last year for Christmas too":) Although Randy didn't let me open it until Christmas morning:( I love how small it is. I sometimes even carry it in my pocket. You are going to LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures you are going to take!

Karen said…
Does this mean you don't have to cook Thanksgiving dinner? It's Christmas already, right?
shahna said…
Oh Karen. I am sooo spoiled. I have my aunt and my mom to do Thanksgiving. All Ihave to do is bring a salad and/or rolls. Needless to say, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!
congrat's on getting a new camera. and nice it can fit just about anywhere.

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