Saturday, July 3, 2010

Money DOES NOT grow on trees, however...

There are a few things that I feel strongly about. This is one of them: teaching my children that MONEY is associated with WORK. Aside from the occasional birthday cash they receive from aunts and grandparents, I want them to leave my home understanding that in order to get money you have to EARN it through WORK. NO handouts for being a good kid.

There are many things they are asked to do throughout the week; ie make beds, take trash out, help with dishes, meal preparation, etc... They do not get paid for these chores as they are expected of them as "Citizens of the Household".

On Saturday mornings it is a different story. We clean the house from top to bottom. We scrub every floor, vacuum every room, straighten every room, wash and fold every bit of laundry, swish and swipe every bathroom. We do this so that on Sunday we can enjoy a day of rest and not feel overwhelmed on Monday morning. We have done this for as long as I can remember having children.

This helps motivate them to want to get up and get started. It is a chore chart that has the designated amount I am willing to pay for that particular job tucked into the envelope. When you complete that job and have it approved by Mom or Dad, you get the cash. You also get to move on to another job for that money. Notice the smile on Reagan's face? She likes money. She also likes to shop, go to movies, buy web kinz, and collect silly bands. I do not pay for those things. EVER. She does.

I believe that it is IMPOSSIBLE for children (or adults, for that matter) to learn money management without having money to manage. They can not and should not have money to manage unless they closely associate work with the acquisition of money.

Here are my favorite books on the subject:

I recommend them HIGHLY.