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Tanner writes about his dad

Tanner had an assignment for his english class to write a biography.  He was really struggling with who to write about.  I suggested Brent.  He loved the idea!  Here is the finished product.
My dad, Brent Argyle was born in Huntsville, Utah in 1967 and raised on a horse farm. His humble beginnings were what shaped most of his admirable character. His parents frequently struggled with supporting a family of nine while pursuing a life as farmers and ranchers. My grandparents’ modest home was even given to them by their employer. He and his family were close because they all relied on each other to provide food. He has told me before that he recalls once opening up his family pantry and only finding a box of rice. My dad has never once forgotten where he came from which has made him the meek man that he is today.
Just about six years ago he was struck instantly with an excruciating headache.He was hospitalized off and on for three months as doctors tried to diagnose what was wrong.Despite …

One Direction

One of our favorite families to do things with called and told us about a fun opportunity this past saturday.  We went and saw a new boy band that is quickly becoming all the rage, One Direction.  We bought our girls their new cd this week and they spent the following five days learning all the songs.
 And saturday we went and joined 8000 other young tween and teenage girls and watched them perform.  It was their first concert.  And everyone knows when you go to a concert, you have to make a sign. This is a picture with one of the firefighters on hand to help maintain order and just in case one of the 8000 fainted from all the excitement.  :O)  We had yummy nachos and corn dogs while we waited, patiently. Another milestone.  First concert.  Check.

Cautiously Optimistic

Almost 6 years ago when I sat in a dark hospital room for months, surfing the web, trying to find answers that the team of Neurologists and infectious disease experts couldn't give me about why my poor husband was suffering from such a chronic intense headache; I remembered Tanner's 5th grade teacher, Ms. Lisa Ledesma.
I was Ms. Ledesmas's room mom the year before.  As such I knew her a little better than most.  I remember her telling the kiddos one day that she ALWAYS had a headache and that she was going into the hospital for a brain surgery and would have to take 6 weeks off to recuperate. 
I called her that summer while Brent lay in the hospital bed and asked her about her condition.  It sounded exactly like Brent's.  I asked her what it was called: Pseudotumour Cerebri.  (Now they refer to it as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension). 
Later that day, I asked the Neurologist, "Could Brent have "Pseudotumour Cerebri"?
I'll never forget his resp…