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Happy birthday to me -part II

For my bday I also celebrated by going out to lunch and a movie with the females in my family (Mom, Sis, Aunt Sharon). We went to see Nights in Rodanthe and laughed all the way through it. no, it's not a comedy - just a horrible story. I don't recommend it.

Afterward I went to hear the RS broadcast with three women that I love and admire. We were all so edified by the things we were taught. President Uchtdorf's talk was particularly poignant to me. I can't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday.

meet zeus

Yesterday was my birthday. My sweet husband got me a dog. Meet Zeus. All 130 lbs of him. He is an 11 months old great dane. Totally housebroken. The best walking companion I have ever had. He has to be next to me at all times. He is so sweet with the kids. Sits on command. He even watches lifetime movies with me on the bed - which is more than I can say for my hubby! Happy Birthday to me.

Random post about flower arrangements

I think the prettiest, most creative flower arrangements I have seen are at the Tom Thumb at Park and Preston. I walked in there the other day and saw this:

and this one (I copied for the "dessert divas" I had at my house)....

and this...

yes, look closely, those are carrots in the vase to compliment the orange in the flowers. Weird sounding, I know, but it was dang cute!

dancing with the stars new season!!!

Here are my faves for this season.

Is it just me or does this picture of Lance Bass kinda' make you laugh ever since he came out of the closet? I dunno, it just kind of seems funny to me.

I think Kim Kardashian is so pretty - she reminds me of my dear friend SUMMER but with dark hair. I like her.
Brooke Burke has had four kids and looks AMAZING. For that alone, I think I will vote for her.
Toni Braxton did a great job tonight. Her professional partner, Alex Mazo, is a favorite of mine. She looks to me like she might go pretty far in the competition but....

My prediction for the one who is taking home the fabulous disco ball is...........

Mr. Lance Bass

Let me know what you think..

gone fishin' and an open invitation

Some people look for granite countertops, exemplary schools, large closets. The deal clencher for Brent when we bought this house was the fully stocked, catch and release fishing pond just a few feet away. Several times he has just vanished when we are all home and we can't find him ANYWHERE! His truck is still here but where has HE gone? Only to find that he is across the street with pole in hand. I like to take bubble baths and read a good book to unwind. My man likes to reel in a big mouth bass. Friday the Sallaways came over (hugs and kisses to them -two of the bestest friends a family could ask for - We are so thrilled they are right around the corner from us now!!!!) Anyway, The Sallaways came over to fish. The boys caught so many fish I lost count but here is a pic of one that Brent caught. It is the biggest fish he says he has ever caught so we had to document it for posterity. Here is an official invitation to any of my bloggin'buddies out there. Come fish with your f…

Tuesday night lights????

This is how Brent and I will be spending Tuesday evenings for the next few weeks...until later in the season when they move to THURSDAY nights. ......

That's our boy #82! He is not on the field in this pic, just gaurding the bench. I didn't get any shots on the field -silly me. Maybe I was too engrossed in this....

Ummmm....DELICIOUS???? Frito Pie was the best offering they had, unfortunately. (Maybe I will sneak in some contraband SUBWAY next week.)

Another VICTORY for the 7th Grade "B" team. Undefeated as of press time. Go EAGLES!

Me? Two steps ahead of Oprah? Go Figure....

I started this last week and am about halfway through it. I have to admit that I am really loving this story. It is such an interesting premise. It is very intruiging. The protagonist is a mute boy who lives an idyllic life with his parents on their dog breeding farm. Something tragic happens in the middle of the story. Wroblewski is a masterful writer. Today, Oprah selected it as her most recent book club read. I highly recommend far. I hope to finish it this week. I will let you know soon....

One of the reasons I LOVE life in a small town....

Homecoming Parades!!!! Only in a small town do the kids get out of school early so that they can be in and watch the high school's homecoming parade. This is our second year to join in the festivities. Brent even took the day off early. Normally we would have gone to to the game with the rest of the town but we had a church conflict that we felt was a priority. Next year we will be sure to go, though. We ran into the Alfaro's and Pattersons while we were there so here are some fun pics.

the Jonas brothers new Texas Homestead...poor little paupers!!!

Brent played golf yesterday with a friend at Vacarro. (I am not sure I spelled that right.) Vacarro is the swankiest golf course around. It also happens to be the neighborhood where the Jonas boys purchased a home recently. I know that because it was the header on the Dallas Morning news a few weeks ago. It must have been a slow news day. Anyway, the friend that he played golf with lives there and pointed out which house it was so Brent took a pic. Poor little guys. I hate to see them have to squeeze into this little bitty thing....tell your pre-teen girls not to get too excited, it is gated.

the pictures are finally on the wall!!!!

FINALLY! I completed this project. Remember when I asked you guys to help me decide which ones to choose? We completed it tonight. I am proud of my man. He does such a great job of hanging' pictures on the wall - like a pro! What do you think?

dolphin "encounter"

We "encountered" the dolphins at Chankanaab in Cozumel when we were on vacation. I say "encounter" because Kiki, Reagan, and Brady were too young to "Swim" with the dolphins so we had to settle for a dolphin "encounter". We were assigned to Regina who had just had a baby. the baby was so cute and she was with us too. Here are some pics! Notice how thrilled Brady looks. I think it was a little too much for him.

rock the reception

So now that SYTYCD is over I am looking for a new show to watch. Good News! Tabitha and Napoleon, my favorite choreographers have a new show on TLC called "Rock the Reception". It is so fun! Instead of the traditional waltz, T and N choreograph a hip hop routine for the bride and groom (and sometimes other members of the wedding party) to do in place of the couple's first dance. We watched it the other day and I think I am really liking this show. Check it out.

PS: My camera is back. YEAH!!!!!!