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Rewards, pay days, and weddings

I've been thinking a lot this week about rewards and pay days.  I think it is pretty easy to forget and we all need to be reminded of the fact that THIS LIFE IS NOT THE REWARD.  We all want it to be.  Sometimes we expect it to be.  We forget the purpose behind real earthly experience.  We see others around us seemingly living a charmed life and we think, they are getting their rewards.  Where are mine?  (At least that is our PERCEPTION of what is going on.)  But we need to constantly remind ourselves,at least I do, that this is where we EARN our reward.  The other side of the veil is where we get the prize.   We need to remember this because sometimes life feels like the test that it is and it is pretty easy to get discouraged.   Case in point, I was consoling one of my kiddos the other day.  Sometimes, even when you are fairly popular at school and seem to have a lot of friends, it can feel like you don't get invited to the things that everyone else does because everyone kno…