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Grateful for good friends

As a mom, are you ever just so grateful that your children are surrounded by good friends? That is one of the many blessings we have found since we have moved to Prosper. There is always an abundance of friends to play with. Friends who come from great homes where they have been taught character and integrity. My girls went to a birthday party last week and the hosting mom sent me these pics from the party. It made me smile. Especially the pictures of them "kissing frogs". :O)

Farewell to Carell party

Tanner is a HUGE "Office" fan.

So are most of his friends.

Tanner, Kade, Dmitri, Tyler , Sean, and Dalton. (Dean came later)

Steve Carell is the star of "The Office" -or atleast has been until his departure this past thursday- so we had a "FAREWELL TO CARELL" party at our house.

There was even a litmus test. You had to know all the characters by name in order to be invited. Only SERIOUS office fans were allowed.

They ate dinner. (I had to take out a loan & Brent had to barbecue a few thousand chicken legs to feed 7 teenage boys.)

Laughed about their favorite episodes from "The Office".

Speculated about who would permanently replace Steve Carell.

And watched his final episode.

They even tolerated a few pictures from this obnoxious, blogging mother.

I am so gratified to know the caliber of young men Tanner chooses to associate with. Some he knows from church and some from school.

You know they are a good bunch when they leave their shoes at the door …