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saying "I'm sorry" is a beautiful thing

One sister hit another in anger and was sent to bed early. When the injured sister went to bed that night, she found this on her bed:

I love how Reagan signed her last name, just in case her sister was confused and thought ANOTHER Reagan might have snuck in her room to apologize. :O)

Saying "I'm sorry" really is a beautiful thing. It brings so much peace to the soul and casts away contention. Here are some great thoughts on the topic.


I have alot of weaknesses. I mean alot. But one blessing I have been given is a grateful heart. I have never really been one to be jealous or envious of what other people have. I am content more often than not. It is not hard for me to sit down at the end of the day and rattle off ten or twenty things that I am grateful for. A few weeks ago a friend gave me a gratitude journal. Gratitude journaling is something that I did years ago but for some reason -I can not remember why -I stopped. I have picked it up again. I think it is an excellent thing to do. I think we should be mindful of the blessings (great or small) that we are thankful for and express them to others when they are part of it. To help instill this in my kiddos, we have "Grateful Sunday" once a month. We each write a "love" note to someone that we are grateful for. A seminary teacher, yw leader, friend, relative, teacher from school. etc... It's a great sunday activity. Try it.
Things I am grateful…

meet one of my favorite mormons

Here is the video of one of my favorite bloggers that I follow, Shawni Polthier. (See Go here and press play. I highly recommend her blog.

surfing in december, texas style

Our plan was to drop the boys off and go shop the mall while they surfed but it was so entertaining to watch them that we stayed and watched (and laughed) for the whole hour. They had so much fun. The wipeouts were the best part. The first surfer is Tanner. The second one is his good buddy, Kade.