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And...He's Off

Tanner's last day home started off at 5am when these two characters - the best friends a guy could ask for - showed up at the door with a big gulp in hand to bid Tanner goodbye.  What sweet boys.  I could tell it meant alot to Tanner.  We left the house at 5:45 to make sure we got to the airport on time.  Then we mad e aquick stop to chick fil a.  Tanner was too anxious to eat but I made him anyway.
 Last minute pictures and lts of tears and goodbyes before he went through security. 

 And then I came home and saw this...his laundry basket.  And it really hit me that he wouldn't be back for two years.  Oh how I will miss him.   

Open House for Elder Argyle

Whew, I'm kinda swamped so a bit behind on the blogging.  They told me being on the PTO for the middle school was no biggie.  They lied.   But, it's all good because one of my favorite people in the whole wide world just left for two whole years and it has left a hole in my heart.  It is a tender mercy that the day he left also was the first day I stepped into Reynolds middle school madness and started prepping for the busiest three weeks of the school year.
Here we are minutes before everyone started to arrive.  The Bujnowskis and sweet Bre came to give him a good send off.  Holly Duenas, Tanner's sunday school teacher last year.  Old friends from our Carollton 2nd days, Jim and Diane Pike.  Pete Sayroo, Tanner's HT companion and an old Sunday school teacher and friend.  Victoria Hubbard, Diane, me, and Connie Davis.  The very best of old friends.  Tyler and Amy  Bre. Terry Jetton, father of one of Tanner's best friends - Elder Jetton - who is currently serving a…

July According to my iphone

We had a great July!  This was my favorite quote of the month.  Reagan and I had a quick lunch date while we were out running errands one day.  And the whole family had a Saturday lunch outing to McAllister's while we were out and about.  Gotta love those $1 kid's meals.  McKinley sprained her ankle pretty bad one night at the trampoline park.  Feat your eyes on this guy!  Doesn't that look horrible?  Fortunately, it only lasted about 4 days and then she was back to her old self again.  Brutus says that July is just too hot to do much more than lay around the house in the air conditioning and nap.  The week before Jensen came home from BYUi, there was a horrific flash flood that caught the campus off gaurd and flooded alot of the buildings at school.  Fortunately, she lives in an apartment off campus and none of her things were ruined.  Her is a pic once of her roommates posted of them dancing in the rain.  Grateful she was okay.  We went to the Sherman pool one day.  Th…

Paving the Way

Tomorrow morning, bright early, our missionary leaves for the MTC (missionary training center).   We are trying to take "sad"out of our vocabulary and only speak of how excited we are for him and this life changing experience.  
A few weeks ago, I could tell that he was feeling a little melancholy about leaving.  Tanner wants to serve a mission.  He is doing it because HE chose to, not because he has felt pressured by us or anyone else to do so.  Nevertheless, it is hard to leave everything and everyone you love behind - regardless of how great the reason is for your leaving- for two solid years.
As if by divine design, around the time he was feeling these things, he got emails  from two very good friends that are currently serving missions.  IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT HE NEEDED TO HEAR and it made all the difference to him to hear how happy they were and how well they were doing.  After these guys gave him their words of 19 year old wisdom, his disposition changed and he talked abou…