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D Day

Well today is the day. I am going into it with ZERO expectations, that way I won't be disappointed if things don't go well. It is such a disconcerting feeling to have your fate and future completely out of your own hands and in the control of a completely neutral third party. Here is what I have learned leading up to this fateful day:
1. Save! Save! Save! We are sooo glad we are savers! We would have never been able to afford to fight this battle (or keep a roof over our heads) if we hadn't been savers.

2. It's never a bad idea to have the business card of a good labor attorney in your rolodex. I'm just sayin'...

3. There is a silver lining to EVERYTHING, you just have to look for it. For instance, Brent was the only dad able to attend ALL the swim meets for the season.

4. Family trials make stronger families.

5. It feels GOOD to "let go and let God".

6. Prayer is even more powerful than I thought.

7. Oh yeah, that whole "turning the other cheek" …

Swim Team 2009

I know this is completely un-interesting for all of you but I really need to document swim team season for my kids so here goes. We had a great year!

Tanner gets his events number, heat, and lane assignments from "Coach T", the best swim team coach ever!

Tanner and his all-star-placing freestyle and medley relay team.

Reagan shows her events at All Stars.

(Freestyle relay, individual backstroke, and medley relay)
Kiki swam the freestyle relay and the medley relay.

Kiki with her biggest fan.

Reagan in "the zone" before a race.

Jensen and Tanner with Maddison

swim team buddies

I need to give a little shout out to our swimming friends, the Fergusons. Swim team would not have been the same without them but unfortunately, I must not have had my camera out at the meets they came too. They had to miss a few at the beginning of the season so I don't have any pics with them but we love you Katie and Jenna!

Be of Good Cheer and Do Not Fear

I haven't spotlighted a talk in awhile but this is one I saw on BYUTV this past week and it is really a good one. It is called, "Be of Good Cheer and Do Not Fear". Sister Pearce is President Hinckley's daughter. She served in the General YW Presidency for several years. Here are a few of my favorite excerpts:

"Most of us have our favorite out loud affirmations that we repeat to ourselves when things get tough. One of the ones I heard my father say often was 'things will always work out'. As a teenager, and now as a middle-aged woman, when I lay my conundrums on the table - he listens, asks questions, listens some more, and then invariable says something along the lines of 'just say your prayers and things will look better in the morning'.

"In my ninety plus years I have learned a secret. I have learned that when good men and women face challenges with optimism, things will always work out! Truly, things will always work out. Despite how diffic…

Got prayers?

If so... we could sure use some extra ones coming our way for the next week or so. We FINALLY go to court on Monday, the 20th. In case you aren't up to speed:

*Brent was "let go" on February 28th.

* BTW, they gave him the boot just a few weeks before he was going to close two big deals that they avoided paying him commissions for. :Coincidence, I think NOT!!!

*3 days after he was "let go" another competitor jumped at the chance and hired him.
*The day before he was supposed fly out to start training, his former employer served him and the new company with a letter threatening legal action against both of them if they hired him because (they claim) he has a contract not to go to work for a direct competitor.

* Here we are five months later and he has had no less than 6 other companies express an interest in hiring him but they are all scared to do it before a judge rules on whether or not he actually has a "non-compete" contract. (He Doesn't!)

*We have b…

celebrating being four

I am finallyuploading pictures from Brady's fourth birthday party. It was a swimming- clown-filled - face painting -balloon animal creating-cake and ice cream eating jamboree.

Wowza the Clown
Could that be our birthday boy disguised as spiderman?

Spiderman and his "main squeeze" ,the divine Miss Ashly.

Sweet little Marianna with a SNAKE on her face compliments of

Bubbles the Clown.

Jessica, Ella, and Carter holding his puppy dog balloon from Wowza.
Noah, the adorable puppy dog

Even the 13 and 14 year olds joined in the fun.
This is one of my favorite pics from the entire party, cute little Nate under all that makeup.
Apparantly the party was so much fun it had this effect on Gigi. This is how we found her when we came in after cleaning up.

Is it just me or....

Are you completely UNPRODUCTIVE in the summer time while the kids are home from school? My house is dirtier than I think I have ever allowed in my twenty years of marriage! But, I have to admit we are having a good time. Every day I resolve that when the kids go to bed that night I am going to spend some time dusting and disinfecting. However, by the time that comes, I am exhausted from spending the day in the heat and in the pool! Please tell me I am not the only one who has fallen prey to this! -signed, discouraged homemaker/mom