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In my institute lesson a few weeks we talked about INFLUENCE.  I asked the class to spend some time that week pondering three questions:
Who are you influencing? What are you influencing them to do? and Who are you allowing to influence you?
It is a good thing to contemplate.  We talked about some of the positive influence and negative influence that creeps into our lives.  One of the things that seemed to resonate was the idea that if we are not careful we can let worldly things influence us too much.  One thing I expressed was that as much as I love Pinterest and pottery barn magazine and as a whole I don't think they are BAD.  Sometimes, I might feel pressured to make my home look like a picture out of a magazine or every meal I serve my family has to be pinterest-photo worthy.  We also talked about celebrity tabloids and red carpet photos and the pressure those can place on us to look a certain way.  I love people magazine as much as the next guy but trying to keep up with su…

Kiki's first homecoming


Where's the calm amongst my Chaos?

My apologies.  I have been absent from the blogosphere.  I know I haven't been missed.  Pretty much the only one who reads my blog is well,  And occasionally my missionary - to catch up on things at home.  Oh and my Aunt Sharon takes a gander every now and again.  But I blog because I want to keep a record of the goings on in all things Argyle, and to remind me of the things and experiences that I need to remember.  And it is SO much easier and cheaper and requires less talent than scrapbooking which I labored through for a decade and don't miss even for a moment.
But back to the reason for this post.  I haven't been blogging as much these last few months because it has been chaos - I mean , more than normal chaos.  September is usually the busiest time of year for me anyway as most of the hats I wear seem to carry more labor intensive commitments with them (PTO, Prosper Ladies Association) and throw into the mix a class at school that was kicking my rear with the …