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Paying it Forward

Tanner got a rather large check in the mail from some old friends.  Treasured, beloved friends.
It was completely unexpected but very much appreciated.
We weren't a bit surprised that these old friends thought to send him a card, or even a check, to support his missionary efforts.
But we WERE surprised at how incredibly generous they were.  
I wrote these wonderful people an email telling them how much we appreciated their kindness.  Tanner wrote them a note too.
I got an interesting reply. 
Several years ago, they had fallen on some hard times.  A large expense came up and they weren't sure how they were going to pay for it.  They were worried.  Then a friend came to them with a donation for their worthy cause.  It was the same amount that Tanner had been the recipient of.
They had decided all those years ago, upon receiving the donation, that at some point they would find a good cause and pay it forward.   And they did.
Can't wait til' we figure out how we will get to pay it …

Summer 2014 far

Walks to 7-11 for slurpees Tuesday night movies with the Young Women teaching swim lessons, lots and lots of swim lessons lots of missionary prep trips to the library cleaning out closets Summer swim days with friends PTO meetings Monday night family group activities Twilight camp Erwin park the McKinney skate park Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Frontier Park Fourth of July with the rest of Prosper Dollar movie Wednesdays Becoming a bear scout GRE Prep class Twilight camp 25 year anniversary Cherry Berry Brady's Birthday Costco trips, just for the frozen yogurt The Fault in our Stars Singing in the Car Basketball at Cooper

Brady's 9th birthday bash


Oh Happy Day!


Brotherly Torture

The letter of the day is "T".  And it is brought to you by Tanner.  And by the words torture and tacky. Just a little background.  McKinley, our fashion conscience 13 year old, had some cute silver flip flops that she loved.  Unfortunately, her sister was walking too closely behind her at the mall the other day and the strap on them broke.  So I have been on the lookout for some replacement strappy silver sandals/flip flops.   Tanner was with me at Target today when he saw these and had to torture his sister a bit.

 I love this boy.  Man, we are going to miss him in 29 days.  He keeps things exciting around here.

June 2014 according to my iphone

Spent LOTS and LOTS of time this month with this kid mission shopping.    Brady had twilight cub scout camp and loved every minute of it.
 We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Brent surprised me with these beautiful roses among other things.    Had a birthday bash for our favorite nine year old.  There are 23 little boys in his age group between the Prosper 2nd and 3rd wards and we invited all of them.  Most of them were able to make it. What a good bunch of boys they are!
 Hanky and Reagan enjoyed the party too.
 I love this quote from President Hickley.  Having read his biography and several talks from his daughter, Virginia Hinckley Pearce, I know that he truly was an eternal optimist and I love that he was constantly reminding us to have faith and be positive.  Sorry for the poor picture quality but we went to see "The Fault In Our Stars" with the Petersons and Lloyds for a girls night.  There wasn't a dry eye in the theater.

Brent spent a great deal of Jun…


Happy Ninth birthday to this kid.  I really like him. Let me tell you nine reasons why he is one of my favorites.
1.  We don't refer to him as the "executive secretary" for nothin'.  He is pretty much the most on the ball person in our house.  (Just this past weekend I got a text from the ward primary secretary that he had been assigned the scripture for opening exercises.  When I reminded him right before church he told me he had it marked already in his scriptures and had been practicing reading it all week,) 2.  He is not a respecter of persons.  He has a sincere, innate desire to be friends with everyone and make them feel valued.  I even got an email from his school teacher this past year telling me how heart warming it had been to watch Brady befriend a boy from the special needs class that would periodically come in their classroom for mainstreaming.   3.  He is super obedient. 4.  He is tidy.  Tidy Argyle children are few and far between. 5.  He is uber resp…