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McKinley's Middle Name

McKinley did a paper for English that she shared with me today.  I want to share it here.  It's called My Middle Name Hero.  Ilene Falk was a dear friend of mine that was a true mentor to me when I was a newlywed. I think of her often.  Especially when I call McKinley by her full name.  
 My Middle Name Hero
My name holds a deeper meaning.  It isn't about if it sounds pretty or cute.  It's about the honor I feel when I hear my middle name.  Honored to be named after such a wonderful lady, Ilene.  
Even though I wasn't alive throughout Ilene's life, I loved the stories.  The battle she was fighting was coming to an end and the cancer was winning.  She laid on the bed, but her bright eyes lit up the room.  Cancer wouldn't get the best of her.  It might take her mortal life, but she would finally be home.  Her true home.  
Soon, a baby girl with the middle name, Ilene, was born.  That name was heavy with love, care, positivity, and strength.  How will I ever be able …