Monday, June 30, 2008

nineteen years already????

Today Brent and I celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss. I can't believe it. I tried so hard to find him a gift but he has honestly become the hardest person to shop for that I know. He doesn't NEED anything and has become kind of picky about clothes, sporting goods, etc. We had a swim meet for our kids tonight so we were there until after 8:30 with them. Needless to say, we were not going to go out for a romantic dinner. Quite honestly, that is fine because we go out pretty much every friday night - just the two of us. Anyway, when we got home I found a really sweet note, 2 dozen red roses, and a portable GPS! (insert "awwwh" here)

I am so jazzed about this! I get lost all the time! I think maybe he got the idea to get it for me the other day after I called him in the middle of the day to help me get home from a swim meet in Highland Park. I do that kind of thing all the time. He knows how to get anywhere from anywhere in Dallas. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I may not be married to the perfect man but I think he is the perfect man for me! I feel really bad that I did not get him anything now. Oh well, there ARE those two shirts I bought for him when I was at Costco last you think that can count?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

sick kid, a priesthood blessing, and gratitude

Well our little Reagan is REALLY sick! She has really had me worried the last few days. It started Tuesday with nausea. Wednesday she developed a low grade fever and a sore throat. Friday we took her to Care Now for a strep test. Negative. She has been on antibitotics for two days now but she was still running a 102.1 fever this morning (Sunday). Normally, I would not freak out about this. I have seen a lot of viruses and sickness in the last 13 years. But Reagan tends to throw me into a tailspin when she gets sick because we almost lost her to a virus/staph infection a few years ago. Remind me to tell you about that one some day. That was a real testimony builder! Anyway, when she gets sick I probably worry more than usual because of her close call. We were actually contemplating taking her to the ER when I got home from church because she seemed to be getting worse. To add insult to injury Brent was really hurting today too. Most of you know that Brent has suffered from a chronic illness (Pseudotumor Cerebri) for 2 years now. He has had the same headache since June 3, 2006 and it is a doozy! He can not really function without his meds and sometimes that doesn't even do much to alleviate his pain. Anyway, he was having a really hard day so he wasn't in any position to give Reagan a blessing. I was so grateful to have a great home teacher who found someone to come over with him and administer to her. Brother Romney (Darren) and Brother LeSeuer gave her a blessing that she would recover and start feeling better and a couple of hours later, here she is sitting with me in my bed watching "John and Kate plus 8" (one of our fave TLC shows) and eating popcorn (that her big sister, Jensen, made just for her because that was the only thing that sounded good to her). My heart is so full of gratitude for those two great men who came at a moment's notice. I love my new ward family so much. I am so grateful to be a member of this church and to have the blessings of the gospel in my life.

Bye bye boppy

Yesterday Brady turned three. He got presents, ate cake, celebrated with dinner and a movie with the family, and ...oh yeah...he gave up all of his boppies (pacifiers). Save all the lecturing. I know, I know. He REALLY should not have had a pacifier this long..but..but ..he is my BABY. My caboose. The absolute last of my offspring. I wanted to keep him a baby for as long as I possibly could. It was poor parenting on my part but chances are pretty good he will need alot of othodontic intervention in the future (judging from his siblings - pacifier users and non pacifier users alike). Boppies make life so much easier! I could literally tell that boy at about 2pm to go in his room and take a nap and as long as he had his boppy - he was all for it. It was so nice. Those days are gone. I know it is best but it was still hard. We wrapped up all the boppies in the house in a present to give to Amanda's new baby, Liam. We told Brady that since he was a big boy now it was time to pass his boppies to a baby that needed one. Don't worry Amanda - we aren't REALLY going to give them to you. It just made the transition easier. Next step-POTTY TRAINING. Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A little mother/daughter bonding

Jensen is a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift so when I heard she was the opening act for Rascall Flats and that they were coming to town I immediately called my hubby's best friend who can always get us the most amazing seats. He came through as he always does (THANKS JEFF!). Jensen was so excited. Here is the part where it takes a turn for the worst...apparantly there was a Dallas Summer Musical going on at the same time plus construction througout Fair park. The traffic was ridiculous. To make matters worse, cars were running out of gas all over the highway from idling for two hours from the traffic jam. We moved about a mile in 2 hours! When we got there we had totally missed Taylor. I seriously went to the bathroom and just sat in the stall and cried - I was so disappointed for Jensen. Being the great girl that she is, SHE was the one comforting ME. We decided to make the best of it and stay to hear Rascal Flatts, ordered hot dogs and hamburgers and sat back and took it in. She just had the biggest smile on her face. Now she is a big Rascall Flatts fan and has been singing their songs around the house all day. I think she had a really good time. My daughter is such a good example to me of makin' lemonade out of sour grapes or whatever that ole' saying is!!! Here are some pics - we had AWESOME club seats right in front of the stage.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

whadya think?

What do you think of my new wallpaper people? I was hankerin' for something different. I am not as creative as some of you (Haley, Brianne) but I am trying to decide whether or not this is a keeper.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Swim team ROCKS

Well we had our first swim meet today and boy was it fun! We are really enjoying it especially since so many of our friends from our church family are on the same team. The Morleys and Fergusons are great people and we have a blast carpooling and hanging out with them before, during, and after practices. One of the highlights was that my little sister, Lindsey, came to watch since we were so close to her office. She was a real trooper watching in the heat on her lunch hour. Here are some pics from the fun today.

The Savior Heals Without a Scar

I went for a morning jog and listened to this while I was on the track. Sooo Good. WE all need healing throughout our lives. I think all of us go through ups and downs in life where we encounter things that have left scars on us. Some big. some small. There are spiritual scars, mental scars, emotional scars and physical scars. Maybe it is a friend who has been hurtful, or a relationship that has fallen apart, sin can do it too. You can't very well go through motality without suffering some sort of scars here and there - not matter how hard you try. I just have such a strong testimony that the Lord CAN and DOES heal us and that when we LET him he can do it without leaving a scar.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

David Archuletta singing "Be Still My Soul" Sunday, June 1st.

"7 quirks tag"

I got tagged by Lynsi. I'm supposed to list 7 quirks/facts about myself, then tag 7 other people. So, here it goes...

1.) I write with a ruler. Now if THAT isn't a quirk I dunno what is! Some other time I will tell you WHY and how that all began.
2.) I won a hair contest when I was 7 that was sponsored by a local radio station.
3.) I love the sun. I could lay out by a pool every day and never get sick of it.(copied that one from you, Lynsi, but it is true!)
4.) I like to put plain M and Ms in my popcorn. a little sweet + a little salty = yummy!
5.) I love to color. I collect markers, crayons, colored pencils. You name it. I especially love to color with my kids.
6.) I'm a total chocoholic. I eat a couple of hershey kisses to get my fix every once in awhile so i won't overdo it, though.
7.) I have totally eclectic taste in music. My son seems very impressed with the fact that I have almost 3000 songs on my ipod. When we put it on shuffle it is funny sometimes what comes up. We might listen to an Aerosmith song (a cleaned up version, of course!) and then it will be followed by a General Conference talk by Elder Eyring. That has happened more than once.

Ok, I tag: Amanda, Molly, Ami, Haley, Summer, Shari, and Chrystalee! You are it!

the bachelorette

I was listening to a talk from my "SHERO", Sheri Dew and she was blasting reality shows like the Bachelor for their lack of value and shallowness. I agree! BUT, but, but I really like Deanna! She had her heart broken by that horrible Brad Womack fella' from last season who just played her and then couldn't make a commitment. She is a cute girl with a heart in the right place and I want to see her find true love. Then maybe next season I can quit the bachelor/bachelorette cold turkey. I will really try. I will replace it with BYU TV reruns of General Conferences. Really, I will. (I actually happen to love BYUTV in all honesty -I have atleast 50 hours of talks on my tivo that I love to listen to over and over. ) Until then, here is my two cents about this season.

My favorite guy us Jeremy. He is handling this whole thing with RON THE JERK (yeahhh - as of last monday night he got sent home) so well. He seems to me like he is very comfortable in his own skin and oozes confidence without coming across as arrogant which I think is really a great attribute for anyone to have. He seems also like he is pretty focused on why he is there. He couldn't care less how the other guys in the house treat him - he is there for Deanna and to get to know her better. Besides, those guys are just jealous of him because they sense that he is their biggest competition. The other thing I really like about Jeremy (besides the fact that he is smokin' hot) is that he is a Real Estate attorney and Deanna sells real estate. They have that in common. Jeremy's father and mother died when he was young and Deanna's mother died when she was twelve. They have that in common too. It seems like she really likes him the most - smart girl!

My second choice is Jason. He seems like a really well grounded guy AND he is a single father. He was married for five years and then his wife up and left him and now he is raising their son all by himself. That says alot about him. He is a qt patootie too. He keeps talking about his son and how much he misses him but how it is worth if it if he can find true love with Deanna. AWWWWW! Sweet. That is my personal opinion. Any Bacelorette watchers out there feel free to chime in.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

back to just two eyes...

Jensen has been eagerly (and very patiently) awaiting the day when she could trade in her much hated glasses for contacts. Today was the day!