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proof that money isn't where its at people!

I just want to start by saying my heart really goes out to Pilar Sanders.  She is the beautiful (estranged) wife of Deion Sanders and they are residents of our town.  My Reagan goes to school with her son Shedore.  I regularly see her at the school at parties, field trips, and picking her ten year old up at the end of the day.  She seems like a very hands on mom that genuinely loves her children.
Sadly, She and Deion have been engaged in a HORRIBLE divorce battle that got so ugly this week that Pilar was arrested and spent the night in jail, Deion had charges of assault brought upon him, and they were one of the lead stories on the national news.  I don't want to add to all the news that has already been out there. 
What I do want to remember, however, is how this family LOOKED like (from all outward appearances) that they had EVERYTHING.  Deion was just inducted into the Hall of Fame, he played two different professional sports, they shared a 23,000 square foot mansion here in …

headache free

Well its been a long hard road but we finally made it and as of 1:30 yesterday, April 9, 2012, Brent is FINALLY headache free.
So many thoughts are rushing through my mind. The biggest of which is gratitude.
Gratitude for our friends and family who have fasted with us, prayed with us, brought us dinner, treats, helped with getting kids where they needed to be.  I am grateful for visiting  teachers and home teachers.  Emails and texts and phone calls of encouragement (I have saved every single one of them in a file).   I'm grateful for Priesthood holders who at a moments notice were worthy to administer to Brent and make beautiful, peace-filled promises of comfort, "instant relief", and healing.  I am grateful for skilled surgeons.  Not just Dr. Batki who did the surgery yesterday but Drs. Weiner, Herzog, Konen, Biddiwalla.  They have all gotten us here where we are today.  Next Monday night we are writing thank you notes.  Lots and lots of thank you notes.  Because we a…

Fasting for Brent

Here is an email I sent out today to everyone that I could think of in my contact list.

Beloved friends:

I have to start by telling you that as I scroll through my contacts, trying to decipher who to send this to, tears well in my eyes and my heart is so full. As I click on your name to include you in this email, I am reminded of our little army of angels that has weathered this storm with us for the past six years. Some of you are from our old ward. You took in our children, fed them, distracted them with fun activities while Brent was initially hospitalized all those many weeks. Some of you are my book club gals that have held my hand and listened each and every month as I updated you on the latest thing the doctors were trying. Some of you are our new friends that we have made in our new ward family here in Prosper. Regardless of how we know you, you are included in this email because you have consistently inquired about Brent's health and whispered words of encourageme…