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Jensen had the time of her life in the UK in her study abroad program and made lots of new friends.

We kept track of her with the LIFE 360 app.  She would check in each day and we could see where she was without her having to call and text.  
This "A Team" made teacher appreciation week a breeze.  I love these ladies that I get to work with through PTO.

Apparently it was blue day.  Sheri and I snapped a quick after school picture of these guys.  It was purely a coincidence.  Such cute girls.

Love this quote.
One of my favorite things every 6 weeks is taking this girl to her ortho appointments and our Smashburger lunch dates.  It is so good to get one on one time with her.
Prosper Ladies Association hosted our first town prayer breakfast on the national prayer day and it was a smashing success.

We had Uncle Greg and Aunt Sharon over for dinner on Mother's Day and played dominoes afterward.  Aunt Sharon hadn't ever played train but we converted her.  

Elder Argyle is …

The Lanyard (in honor of Mother's day month)


The other day as I was ricocheting slowly
off the blue walls of this room
bouncing from typewriter to piano
from bookshelf to an envelope lying on the floor,
I found myself in the "L"section of the dictionary
where my eyes fell upon the word, Lanyard.
No cookie nibbled by a French novelist
could send one more suddenly into the past.
A past where I sat at a workbench
at a camp by a deep Adirondack lake
learning how to braid thin plastic strips into a lanyard.
A gift for my mother.
I had never seen anyone use a lanyard.
Or wear one, if that's what you did with them.
But that did not keep me from crossing strand over strand
again and again until I had made a boxy, red and white lanyard for my mother.
She gave me life and milk from her breasts,
and I gave her a lanyard
She nursed me in many a sick room,
lifted teaspoons of medicine to my lips,
set cold facecloths on my forehead
then led me out into the airy light
and taught me to walk and swim and I in turn presented her with a lanyard…

I was worried about the wrong thing

We have been kinda struggling over here at the Argyle house of late.  One of our teenage girls recently came to me and suggested that she (paraphrasing here) "wasn't really feeling the love" from some of the girls in her youth group and she wondered if she could occasionally skip out on going to her youth midweek activities.

I was so sad.

This is something we have been trying to navigate for the better part of the school year.  It is nothing that most teenage girls don't experience at some point.    I resolved pretty early on that we were going to deal with it as a family and not involve anyone else.  When I prayed for guidance the last six months or so, it was clear to me that was the  best course of action.

Admittedly, however, when she came to me with this latest request - to bow out of her activities- albeit "occasionally", I knew the problem was bigger than I had previously thought.

I worried.  A lot.  I sought counsel from friends of teenage girls …

Building Walls

I borrowed this from this blog here
This is such a fantastic analogy and I just think it is right on!

Your testimony is like a rock wall. (Don't worry about the purpose of the wall--the analogy doesn't stretch that far.) Everyone is constantly building to their walls, stone by stone. And every now and then, you may stumble upon a stone and not see exactly where it fits. It may be labeled "gay marriage" or "visiting teaching" or "hymns are boring" or "why do we have so many freaking meetings and why are they so freaking long." But that doesn't mean you abandon the wall. It means you set the stone aside and keep building with what you DO know. And as you build, you may suddenly see where that stone fits. Some people have likened this process to a jigsaw puzzle, but that implies that everyone's testimony looks the same eventually. I like the stone wall better because everyone's will look completely different, and have different …

Impressive Apologies

Thirteen or so years ago someone sent me an anonymous letter that was pretty bold and extremely unkind.  At the time it bothered me for a few days, maybe even weeks.  My gut gave me a pretty good idea of who had written it to me but I didn't have any proof.  Ultimately, I struggled with the hurt that it brought to me for a few weeks and with a lot of prayer, forgot about it.
Last week I got a phone call from the woman who wrote it to me.  I was a little surprised when I saw her number on my caller id.  I have not seen her or really had an opportunity to visit with her in years and although she is a member of my church, she is not part of my local congregation or any of the neighboring congregations.  
She was very meek and humble and kind when she called.  She said that she was embarrassed that this had taken her so long to do because she had known for years that she should reach out to me and apologize but she had just never followed through with it until now.  She admitted that…

God gives us more than WE can handle

I read this article in the Deseret News last week and nodded my head the entire time.   As a matter of fact, the cute sister missionaries came over for dinner recently and as their closing message one of them shared a spiritual thought:  "God never gives us more than we can handle".  I smiled as she gave her message but at the end, I admitted that I disagreed...a little. 
I think God gives us more than we can handle sometimes.  He has given me more than I can handle on my own.   He just doesn't give us more than we can handle with Him on our team.
There have been many times over the last seven years when I absolutely, positively felt without a shadow of a doubt that I had been handed more than I could navigate on my own.  Sometimes it has stirred me to pray more, read more scripture, request priesthood blessings, go to the temple for peace, solace, refuge, and inspiration.  Sometimes my trials have encouraged me to lean on others for help.  There was the time that I wen…

The beautiful thing about remembering

In BOM365 last week we read Mosiah 19: 1-24 one day. The corresponding talk for the day was from Jay E. Jensen (by coincidence, Brent and I have hosted Elder Jensen in our home before. He came to visit us when he presided over a stake conference he was here for when Brent was in the throes of his illness). The name of the talk is "Remember Also the Promises" found HERE. Elder Jensen talks about a time when he was a mission president. He became somewhat discouraged upon doing some interviews to find that there were a number of problems that were to be dealt with in this particular mission. He did four days of interviews with missionaries and leaders and felt that the bad was out weighing the good in this mission. He got on the plane to go home with a heavy heart. He decided to read some scriptures on his plane ride and fell to D and C 3:5. He was struck by the phrase in that verse: "Remember also the promises". He went on to say,  The words “remember also t…