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Brent goes in for the big surgery Monday morning. We feel really good about it. We have been completely OVERWHELMED by all the phone calls, e-mails, and offers to help with kids, meals, etc...! Thank you so much!!!! If we can just make it over this next hurdle I am sure there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I can just feel it! We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many good friends. Please keep praying for is working. :O)

Should I be worried????

So...Jensen, Reagan, and I were bonding while watching the Miss USA pageant in my room. I know, I know, it is chauvanistic and all that- but in alotta ways it can be entertaining as well. Tanner walks in to see what we are doing about the time the hosts cut to commercial announcing that next up is the swimsuit competition. I turn to Tanner and say "Oh, your probably not interested in watching the swimsuit competition, huh?" (detect sarcasm) to which he replies, "Sure! But can we watch it in the family room in HIGH DEF?" :O)

In need of your prayers

You may have noticed that I haven't posted much lately. Things have been rather ..shall we say...dramatic around here (ok, maybe that is an understatement) There are some details I need to keep private due to advice from our attorneys but I have felt really prompted to write this and let so many of you "old friends" who read my blog know about the challenges we are facing presently. I just thought I should tell you what has been going on so you don't hear about it through the grapevine and wonder why I never told you.

Brent lost his job about 6 weeks ago. The company he was working for fired him and he was offered another job (better pay, better situation, more ethical employer, bigger company) a few days later. Hooray! -not so fast... Somehow the company that fired him found out about the new job and sent a letter to us and the new employer saying that they were going to sue them and us if he went to work for them because he had a "non-compete" clause. (In o…