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Although prematurely, April 2015 according to my iphone

April 2015 brought lots of fun and lotsa changes for our family. First of all, Elder Argyle has a new companion, Elder Tarawhiti.  WE have been praying for him as he has been going through some bumps and bruises that might also be called "character builders". I cracked up at this.  I guess it is important to know how to spell, "annual".  We got a big group together and went to Six Flags.  It was so fun!

 My favorite quote from General Conference, the talk is here.  We had a sad thing happen in our town and the PTO gave this flower arrangement to the family.  It made me want to grab the ones that I love the most and hold them close and remind them daily how much I love them.  We sent a little love to Elder Argyle.  I hosted a fun Prosper Missionary Moms luncheon at my house and then we put together some care packages for our missionaries.  I hope to host another one soon.  We have ALOT of missionaries from Prosper - I think there are 12 total.  So fun.  Truly, the…

Guest Post: No Such Thing as a Bulletproof Marriage (Chelsea Dyreng)

So I started dating this new guy. We’d known each other for a couple of weeks. He was tall, blond, funny and a little cocky. He told me he was good at tennis. So when he invited me one weekend to watch him play in the annual Fourth of July tennis tournament in his hometown, I tagged along. I was curious if this guy was actually as good as he said he was. Of course, I didn’t know anything about tennis. So I sat on bleachers outside the courts, next to his 14-year-old brother, who was clearly amused by my vast ignorance. But he was nice and patiently answered my questions and kept me updated on the score. As the tournament progressed, I began to see that my date really did seem to excel at this sport. I smiled. I sat up a little straighter. I flipped my hair. If anyone asked me who I was, I didn’t bother with my name. I just pointed out to the court and said, “I’m his date.” But the best was yet to come. During one match, my date jogged up to the chain-link fence and said to his little…

My Top Ten

Today in BOM365 we read Mosiah 8.  In this chapter, the King argues that seer is greater than a prophet.  Ammon explains that a seer is a revelator and a prophet and that there is no gift greater that a man can have.  He justifies his argument by explaining that a seer can warn of things which are to come and help understand what is to be learned from the things of the past.  Seers can help us better understand "Secret" things and bring to light those things that are "hidden".  He even states that there are some things that can ONLY be known through a seer.  The question for today was posed: "Thinking of past and present Prophets, what counsel has sunk DEEP into your heart and has been of great benefit to your life?"

I immediately thought of some talks that have sustained me, provided direction, and greatly influenced the path that I placed my feet.  It was fun to ponder what my ten all time favorite talks were that have profoundly influenced my life.  So…

Ward Families

I have lived in wards where it was very hard to leave because it really felt like my family.  I have also lived in a ward where I struggled to feel included.  I love this talk by one of my favorite ladies, Virginia Hinckley Pearce.  She offers some great insight into the purpose of a ward family and how to learn to love the ward you are in. 
It is good to gather in this inspiring setting in the presence of thousands and thousands who are brought together through the satellite network. I believe that Heavenly Father recognized that even though our relationship with him and our accountability to him are intensely personal, we gather strength when we meet in groups. We need to be reminded often that we are a part of something big and grand as we continue to do our own part. Each Sunday in gatherings around the world, young women stand and say aloud together: not “I” but “We are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us, and we love him. We will ‘stand as witnesses’ … ” and so on (You…

He Hath Filled the Hungry with Good Things

I came across this talk in my BOM365 study.  It was attached to the reading for today.  I thought I had heard EVERY Jeffrey R. Holland talk there ever was!  I was wrong.  This one really spoke to me today.  I recently started graduate school and am taking a class this semester in treating individuals who are suffering from addiction.  All addiction.  I had an assignment to attend an Addition Recovery Program last week.  I will blog about it later.  It was honestly one of the most spiritual meetings I have ever been to.  I left with such a sweet understanding of the love Heavenly Father has for each of us, his imperfect children.  I think this talk resonates with me right now because of all of the reading I have been doing about people in bondage to their addiction.  There are obviously a great deal of things out there that we give our freedom to that results in some semblance of bondage.  Some of the things mentioned on the BOM365 page today were smart phones (distracting from the thi…