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February according to my iphone

This boy continues to THRIVE on his mission in Tucson.  He seems so happy and is finding a lot of people to teach.  We said goodbye to his best friend this month, who left to serve in Bangkok.  Kade will be a fantastic missionary and the people there are blessed to get him.  I have been loving the BOM365 program on Instagram.  I blogged more about it earlier this month. I love it so much that I gave journals to my girls to do it for Valentines Day.
 We had lots of days where we were iced in this month.  That means lots of fires, hot chocolate, netflix movies. and sleeping in so it's been wonderful.
 Had to snap a quick pic of these two best buddies.  They were waiting for R and M while they were getting physicals one day.  They spent an hour and half playing on these ipads in the waiting room  but they were content as could be.  They are such good boys.  Made this handout for my CTR 7 class.  Got the following text from one of the moms of a kiddo in my class the next day.  


Becoming comfortable with discomfort

I had the blessing of attending a beloved friend's stake women's conference on Saturday.  I walked away feeling so edified, which is something I have really been needing more of lately.  I took notes from every class and plan to study them this week.  But there was one story, in particular, that I think was meant for me and that I felt was important enough that I wanted to document it here.
My friend Meredith has had a REALLY ROUGH YEAR.  When I say rough - she has been dealing with not one, not two, but three really hard trials that would be tough all on their own.  The fact that she has been dealing with all three simultaneously has made it seem insurmountable at times.  I'm not going to go into detail about the things she shared because I want to protect her privacy.  That is her news to share.  
However, one of the things she has dealt with, I CAN share.  She is 34 weeks pregnant, which is very exciting.  I am so happy for her and her sweet family.  It has been a HORR…

Genius...Gifts in a Jar

Every once in awhile you stumble upon somebody else's genius and you think, "I need to put this somewhere so I don't forget it if I ever need it".  This is that place for me.  Today I came across this gal's blog here.  She does the cutest gifts in a jar.  I'm not creative but I am resourceful and I love this idea.  Go to her web site for more deets.  (And act surprised if you get one of these from me sometime over the next year.)  ;O)
 "Orange you glad it's your bday?" gift in a jar  Taco soup in a jar.  cookie decorating in a jar  mani/pedi in a jar

ice cream party in a jar  TLC in a jar

Some great advice on how to save your marriage

People,  if  you  are  having  struggles  in  your  marriage,  the  advice  doesn't  get  any  better  than  this.


I came across this awesome idea on instagram from a friend (thanks,  Sarah!)  Its a plan to read the Book of Mormon in a year.  I love it because it is little bite sized chunks that you can really do and dig in deep.  You are supposed to keep a scripture journal while you read.  I have been reading other things in scripture study, favorite talks, the conference edition of the Ensign.  I have really missed the Book of Mormon.  It feels like I am being united with an old friend.
If you want to join me, go to Instagram and search the hashtag "BofM365".  

What if love were our ONLY motive?

I really have become a little bit obsessed about this talk.  I am posting it here so that I will have it for future reference.  I think I have listened to it 6 times in the last month.  I have highlighted my favorite parts if you are a skimmer.  I especially love the story in pink.  What a great hometeaching story!  I hope you enjoy!  There is a link to watch it at the bottom, if that is what you prefer. - Shahna
Russell T. Osguthorpe was the Sunday School general president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, director of the BYU Center for Teaching and Learning, and a BYU professor in the Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology when this devotional address was given on 8 March 2011. Thank you, President Samuelson. It is great to be here today. As that choir was singing, it reminded me that my wife and I met with our seats assigned in a choir just like that a few years back, and we’ve been sitting next to each other ever since. This place is really like a s…

January 2015 according to my iphone

Elder Argyle is currently teaching 7 people in the field.  He loves his new companion, Elder Smith.  I snapped a quick pick of these three brace wearing. long haired brunettes one day while they were out and about together.  I wish I was that cute when I was 13.  Enjoyed a little In-N-Out Burger one day during the winter break.
 Brutus is a great companion when you have the flu and you are home sick.  Urban air with buddies is a great way to spend MLK day.

New Year's Eve Dance.  What a cute group of girls.

 Dinner before the dance  Brady went 4 wheeling with the Petersons one saturday.  He had a blast. Crazy Kiki showing off her "corbridge coin" after a trip to the orthodontist.

Had dinner with my Aunt and Uncle.  I love these two people.  Some day I will tell you about my Aunt and what a wonderful mother-like figure she has been in my life.  She has been such a gift to me over the last decade.
 We kicked off a new project at the middle school.  We had a sweet teacher …