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February 2016 according to my iPhone

February was a great month for the Argyles.  Brent and Brady got tickets to several MAVS games and three of them were in February.  As "season pass holders" (sounds way more impressive than it is) they get to go early and watch the MAVS warm up.  They also get a chance to get autographs. Brady has really loved that.  Here he is in a pic with Dwight Powell.   Elder Argyle is doing great.  he only has about 5 months left and then he comes home.  I got him set up to go to BYUi in the fall and stay and go to school year round ( he wants to since he has not had any college yet).  We got his housing set up too.  It is going to be so good to have him home.  I am trying to figure out vacations this week so we can do something fun once he gets home and before he leaves for Idaho.  Had a fun outing with my gal pal, Sheri.  Love this girl.

 McKinley got highlights.
 ....and her learner's permit to drive.  She also was part of the competition team at Prosper High School and they go…