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celebrating another birthday with another piercing :O)

Thursday we celebrated the day that our lovely Reagan -Becca joined our family exactly 8 years ago. I guess technically the celebration began on Wednesday night at Tin Star (because Jensen and Tanner were going to be away at the trek on Reagan's actual birthday.) There was a balloon artist there and he was AMAZING! He made this for the birthday girl. And see below for the cool batman he made for Brady.
On Thursday we celebrated with lunch at BJs. YUM-MY! What's a birthday without a celebratory PAZOOKIE. Here is the birthday girl proving how great they really are.

Reagan just HAD to go to the mall and unload some birthday cash. She and McKinley splurged on these Zhu zhu pets.

Then it was off to the local walmart to get her ears pierced. Can you tell she was a little nervous about it?

Then we stopped off at Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.

We actually couldn't fit all the festivities in to one day so we went to see "Dieay of a Wimpy Kid" with Alexa (on…

baby bunnies

Mrs. Janette (Brady's preschool teacher) found a nest of 5 brand new baby bunnies in her back yard. Apparantly they found a nest of bunnies last year too but...uh didn't end very well. Something about a neighboring dog finding the nest get the picture. Anyway, in order to avoid a repeat of last year, she called us. She remembered that McKinley was an experienced bunny owner. Next thing you know we are hand feeding these little guys every five hours.... (sigh) and I thought my "nursing" days were over.