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jensen got the red plate!

We have this strange family tradition. I wish I could say that it was my creative idea, but it wasn't. I read about it in Family Fun magazine years ago and we have been doing it ever since. On Sundays the kid that sets the table picks someone to get the "red plate". The only rule is that you can't give yourself the red plate. If you get the red plate you get showered with compliments, pretty much through the whole meal. We each take turns going around and telling that person what we like about them. We are very specific too.

Today Jensen got the red plate.
* Brady said that she is really good on the piano.
*Tanner said that she is good with people of all ages. He noted how so many of the little kids that she babysits love her and run up to her at church. He mentioned the elderly people at Gigi's assisted living center too. Jensen will sit for hours with them and let them talk to her, even when they repeat themselves over and over again - she doesn't mind. (The m…

Temple has a prayer ROLL, Argyles have a prayer BOWL

Got this GREAT idea from Shelly in my ward. She said her family compiles names they should be praying for and put it in a place where they can review it when they want to mention them by name in their personal and family prayers. My friend keeps hers in a beautiful pitcher. We put ours in a heart shaped bowl and leave it on our dining room table where we have family scripture study. Currently we are praying for a friend who suffers from chronic back pain, 2 unemployed dads, a family in our ward that is trying to sell their house to move across country for a new job, and my grandmother. It has been really cool and made our prayers a lot more meaningful.

Grandmas for rent

The Thursday before Mother's Day we made plans to go get my grandmother and take her to lunch. (We were going to be out of town with my OTHER grandmother on actual Mother's Day) We started thinking about all the women who live there that NEVER seem to get visitors so we picked up three dozen tulips on our way to Sunrise Senior Living , armed with a surprise. Brady insisted on wearing his suit. He LOVES his suit. He went around to each of the "grandmas", gave them a tulip, told them "Happy Mother's Day" and gave them a kiss on the cheek. They loved it. Brady loved it! I think we have a new family tradition. It makes me sad to see how many of these people don't ever get visitors. I wish I could just adopt them all!

Brady and Arlene

Brady and Ruth

The dawn is finally breaking

They say it is darkest before the dawn. Well, although the dawn isn't here yet it is starting to look a little less dark. Brent came through the surgery really well and has already cut his pain meds in half! HALLELUJAH! This week has been sooo much better. The first night he came home he was able to sleep for 6 hours straight completely horizontal which sounds silly but that was a huge turning point for him. He hadn't REALLY slept for the last two months! With his shunt not working, it hurt his head more to be horizontal so he had to sleep sitting upright and could never really get a good night's rest. He was having to get by on just an hour here and there. I teased him that he was like the Elephan Man? Anyone ever see that movie? Ignore it if you haven't. Anyway, he is doing really well. We have felt the prayers of the masses for sure! Thank you so much to everyone for all the prayers and fasting and sweet phone calls and emails and MEALS! (Amanda, you make the best …