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Life is like a wheel

I am  really enjoying the MORMON CHANNEL.    Especially,  I like a segment called "conversations" which is a collection of inspirational, well....conversations with general authorities and their wives and amazing members of the church that have overcome great obstacles.  Today I heard a quote that resonated with me. 
(I'm paraphrasing ): Joseph Smith made a statement once that life was like a wheel.

There are going to be times when we are at the top of the wheel and in a position to give someone at the bottom of the wheel a hand up and there are going to be times we are at the bottom of the wheel in NEED of a helping hand.  Regardless, EVERYONE,  EVERYWHERE is going to have bottom of the wheel moments during their lifetime.
The last few years have been bottom-of-the-wheel years.  Whether it be health issues Brent was dealing with, financial trials, overwhelming medical bills, or just life feeling out of balance.  We have leaned on friends and family and their prayers an…

We have adopted

Brady has suffered the loss of two great grandfathers in the last few years.  Men that he was especially close to.  It has been a hard adjustment for a young boy who is strangely drawn toward the elderly.  He was by far the kid -at;east of the 5  Argyles- that seemed most comfortable mingling with the residents at the assisted living center that my grandmother lived at.  He looked forward to it. 
Many times when we are out and about he notices white haired seniors and just can't refrain from going up and striking up a conversation.  
It is no surprise then, that he found a grandfather to adopt in our ward.  He has the most awesome of names.  HERC (short for Hercules) Rainey.  Every Sunday,  Brady saves a seat in the pew  for Brother Rainey and his sweet wife (Janette).  He has been doing this for almost a year.  Brother Rainey texts us when he or Janette are sick or out of town because he knows there is a very disappointed six year old waiting for him when he is not there.
a few…

the parable of the red gerber daisy :O)

As I was pulling out of my driveway this weekend, I noticed this sweet little flower, doing it's best to push through and bloom  amid all the deadness and debris it was growing amidst and way before it' season.  In a weird way, I think it is beautiful.  My kids thought I was a little crazy when I jumped out of the car, camera in hand, and took this picture.  :O) I was actually thinking earlier in the week, I wanted to go cut all my gerber daisy plants down to the soil because they looked so bad.  Now I kinda smile every time I back out and see this cute little red trooper.
Have you ever felt like you were in the crummiest of situations and yet you realized (after the fact) it made you bloom and grow and BLOSSOM? I have. One time, many moons ago.  Like ten years or so ago, my best friend was called to be the RS president. She decided to change the visiting teaching routes. Unbeknownst to her, she assigned me to visit teach a sister in the ward that -(and I am not over stating th…

The rules

Zeus is our beloved great dane.  He is about as ferocious as a mouse.  But he is rather large.  And he does get excited sometimes when he is eating his favorite snack or playing with his ball.  We had a small incident over the break and had to remind the little kids of the "Zeus rules".  Brady asked if he could write them down so that he would not forget.  They are as follows:

"List of Rools for Zoos" No llying on him no playing  with him (rough housing) no tricking him with treats (teasing) win somebody is givieng him a treat dont run towos him Dont put yor face in his face

Getting a little crabby on his birthday

We celebrated Tanner's sixteenth birthday at his favorite place, Joe's Crab shack.  He couldn't have been happier.

 Jensen was a good sport.  She doesn't particularly like fish or crab.
Fun times!  I can't believe he is SIXTEEN!