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We started off the month right with a wedding.  My little brother's to be exact.  Haven't gotten any wedding photos back yet but here are a couple I took before the ceremony with my girls.    This bearded guy, in case you didn't recognize him, is my hubby of almost 25 years. :O)  With my favorite Aunt and favorite Sister.  Okay she is my ONLY aunt and my ONLY sister.   Of course March was filled with lots and lots of TREK planning and prep-iIncluding one day I spent babysitting 56 handcarts in a parking lot as they were being delivered.  Jerilyn and I took a goofy photo while helping to deliver a porta pottie.  I love the people I got to know through that memorable experience.  Jerilyn is one of those people I am so grateful I got to work with.  Kiki turned in her $250 bucks here for cheer.  I will post about that at a later date.  Tanner has been spending time with this cute gal he met at Trek.  Bre was in his trek family.  This was one morning at seminary.  He asked her…

In Need of a Do Over

I need a do over.  We all have those days.
It started with being a little too sensitive about a situation at church today. ( I am RARELY sensitive about things.) Most days I think I am actually hard to offend.  But I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.  I had to come home and reread this for the upteenth time.  Gratefully, no one knew I was hurt.  I kept it to myself.  Nonetheless, there are a few hours of my life that I was upset about something that I didn't need to be upset about and I wasted on stupid stuff.  Elder Bednar always makes me feel better and helps me turn the other cheek.
But then I feel like a situation that popped up at home could have been handled better.  And the person who could have handled it better was me.  I was being a grouch.  
And then I was having a conversation with a sweet friend while we were out on the Lord's errand and I stuck my foot in my mouth.  Sometimes I don't articulate things very well.  
Ugh.  I need a do over.

What Andy Taught Me at Trek

This is Andy.  He is a big, strapping LDS boy.  He is here with his "Ma" at trek.  My friend, Anne. Anne has a bad back.  She had surgery on her back about 6 months ago.  She exercised a lot of faith by going to trek.  There was some concern that all the walking. pushing, and sleeping on the hard ground would make it worse.
At one point in the trek trail, the families came upon a river they had to cross with their handcarts.  Andy carried Anne across.  He didn't want her to slip and fall.
Immediately after that was a VERY STEEP ascent up a hill.   Everyone looked at it and thought, "we have to go up that?"     It was overwhelming.   It was hard.   Super hard.

Here is a picture of it but it really doesn't do it justice.

Andy helped his family up the steep ascent and then sent them on their way.   Because the rest of the trail that day was going to be easier. He went back.   He went back  to help the handcart behind him.   And the handcart behind that one.…

Chewing An Elephant

It was the hardest church assignment I will ever have.   I know that there are some people that would breeze through it with no problem.  For me, it was overwhelming  and mind boggling  and I felt like I had been asked to chew an elephant.  
It was also humbling.   I had no choice but to go to my knees EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 11 months and ask for Heavenly Father to walk me through this journey.
I am a convert. I have never been on a trek. I have never even see a trek. Until last Thursday I didn't even know what a trek was supposed to look and feel like.
But HE did.   And He communicated pretty clearly to me from the beginning that He was at the helm.  This was HIS trek for HIS youth and even though he had an unqualified, fearful, human to work through, He would get the job done.  
Daily, he would point  us in directions, give us inspiration about who to call to what.  It started with the 112 individuals that  He identified as the ones He wanted to serve as Mas and Pas.  It too…

doing the best I can

I have been in a situation this week that I don't find myself in very often.  I am not any busier than most moms most of the time.  In fact, relatively speaking, I think I am less busy than most moms.  But next week is trek so I started the week off bracing myself for the fact that there would be a whirlwind of activity and a laundry list of action items every day. 
Throw into the mix that this week just happens to be THE MOST STRESSFUL WEEK OF THE YEAR for McKinley and Reagan: cheer tryouts.  It is hard for anyone to understand who hasn't had a daughter tryout for dance team or cheer but it is a high drama week.  One where a mom's calming influence and words of encouragement are vastly needed.  And as much as they love their dad,it just isn't the same.
Last night I left my trek meeting at about 10:45 feeling spread too thin and a little torn.  A concern came up at our meeting that meant I needed to make about 35 phone calls to parents today on top of everything else …