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Hard things and the worth of souls (this one is for Nancy and Amanda) :O)

I have been watching something unfold between this beautiful girl and a young man at her school and it has reminded me of some important principles lately. I mentioned this in fast and testimony meeting today so I hate to be repetitive to those of you in my ward but it is something I want to remember. I need to document it here or I'll forget.

At the beginning of the school year, I noticed a boy who sits outside the middle school on a bench every morning. I typically have to drop McKinley off about 45 minutes before school starts because she is either having a student council meeting or guitar lessons. I noticed him there every day. He is always on the same bench. Alone. I have never seen him talking to anyone. I have never seen anyone acknowledge him as they walk in. I wondered why he doesn't join the rest of the kids in the cafeteria or gym before school. My motherly instinct told me it was probably because he didn't have any friends in there.

One morning durin…