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a "two fer" on discouraging days

I have been asked to speak next month in a ward RS in my stake on making Lemonade out of lemons.  I had to laugh as I don't really think of myself as someone who typically sees the bright side right away.  I suggested that they ask my hubby if they wanted that topic covered by a pro.  The RS president said she wanted a  "spiritual" meeting and wants to address how to consecrate the trials of life for our good.  As a result, I have been doing a lot of studying and listening to talks about this topic.  Two that I love are from current apostles.
The first is Boyd K. Packer, who was no stranger to trials. 
He said this:  "We live in a day when the adversary stresses on every hand the philosophy of  instant gratification. We seem to demand instant everything, including instant solutions to our problems.  We are indoctrinated that somehow we should always be instantly emotionally comfortable.  When that is not so, some become anxious - and all too frequently seek relief fro…

It's official!

This gal is going to be heading off to BYU Idaho in the Fall.  She is so excited.  She spent a great deal of time saturday looking at apartments online so that she could decide whether or not she wants to live on campus in the dorms or not.  She has several friends going up at the same time which makes it seem even more fun.   She is so ready!   Jensen has always been an independent little thing from the time she was a toddler.   She isn't fearful of new experiences at all and just plunges in, never looking back.   I'm sure she will have bouts of homesickness at the beginning but I don't worry about her a bit.   She is going to be a great student and have the time of her life.   Only 7 more months and I will have a college kid.   Wowser!

Praying for Sister Hickey

Many months ago - maybe as long as a year ago - a friend in my ward that our family loves very much stood in fast and testimony meeting and shared that her sweet mother (who lives in a neighboring state) had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time.  Her mother had successfully battled breast cancer five years before and although it had been really hard, she was facing this latest diagnosis with tremendous faith and hope.  
We talked about it that night as a family and how touched we were by this loving daughter's testimony and hope that her mother would come out of this successfully again.  We decided to pray for Sister Hickey's health and strength - even though we did not know her.
Every single family prayer that I can remember since then (and I am sure many personal prayers) have included lots of people that we are mindful of.  People that are facing illness, unemployment, and trials of faith.  But never has Sister Hickey been forgotten.  I was surprised at this,…



The LOST coin, the LOST sheep, and the LOST scout merit badge sash thingy...

You should know that as I  began my day this morning with prayer,  I asked that Heavenly Father would help me learn everything I need to learn from a specific trial I am wrestling with right now.  I prayed that He would take every opportunity to teach me and consecrate all the things I am going through for my good and the good of my family.   And I meant it.
I went in the boys room and started clearing off their nightstand which required that I unlock the footlocker in their room and put some of the clutter on the nightstand away and  I gasped when I saw this little jewel.
I know, it seems like quite the overreaction for such a thing.  But you have no idea how long I have been looking for this!   I'm not even REALLY sure what it is called.  I know what it is for.  It is a sash that boy scouts wear over their scout shirt to hold all of their merit badges.  I know because it is my nemesis.  Anything requiring patch removal or application is.  I can sew.  I will sew if I have to but it i…

guest post: (Kathryn Thompson) Drops of Awesome

Drops of AwesomePosted onDecember 19, 2012byThe Daring One
This post has been in my heart and on my mind for over a year now. I’ve talked about it. I’ve prayed about it. I’ve taught about it. I was waiting for the right time to post about it and now feels like that time. It’s a post about a tiny little moment that completely changed the way I see myself and others. As I think about it and act on what I learned, I find that I am changed in significant ways every single day.
It was a sunny school morning and I was walking Magoo to the bus stop. I don’t often walk him to the school bus. He’s in second grade and pretty independent and I’m usually busy getting myself and his sisters ready. I’m semi-nocturnal and I sleep later than I should most mornings.
When it’s time for school, he says goodbye and heads up the hill to the bus.
As we got half way to the bus, Magoo reached out and grabbed my hand in an uninhibited way that I knew wouldn’t happen many more times. He’s seven now but growing…

January according to my iphone

So much was going on in our household in the month of January....  Brady played lots of basketball.  Brent and Tanner coached the 2nd grade Prosper Eagles.  They had practice twice a week and a game on Saturdays. 

 We celebrated this awesome lady's birthday at our Stake Primary Presidency mtg.  This chicka has been my saving grace for the last 4 and half years.  She is the peanut butter to my jelly, the yin to my yang, the Thelma to my Louise.   I love her so much and can't think of a better person on the planet.   We had a snow day in mid January.  Brady made  a snowman with Dad.  The rest of us worked on a family project that I saw on the 71 toes blog.  I loved the idea and it was the perfect snowy day activity.  Each kid picked a part of the scripture to paint and is going to do a family home evening lesson on that portion.  Tanner picked "a house of prayer".  He painted the word "PRAYER" on the canvas and then gave us an awesome FHE lesson the follo…

We be jammin'

Went to one of my favorite friend's house yesterday afternoon to learn how to make her famous (well atleast its famous at my house) strawberry freezer jam.  There are not very many pictures.  Janette made me swear not to put bad pictures of her on the web.  Truly - and I tell her this ALL THE TIME - she is one of THE most photogentic people I know.  I don't think she has ever taken a bad picture in her life.  But in the ONE pic I took of her yesterday she had her eyes half closed so as a loyal friend, I am not including it. Strawberry Freezer jam requires strawberries, water, sure jell, and granulated sugar.  Lots and lots of sugar.  So much sugar I could almost not believe it.  Like almost a pound of sugar per pint of jam.   No wonder my family can eat their weight in it! The recipe we used is the one in the sure jell package, btw.  It only LOOKS like spaghetti sauce. i promise you it is pink sugary delightfulness. We used 18 pints of strawberries, 30 lbs of sugar and 12…