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You are beautiful, smart, kind, and wonderful

Sooo.  The other day I was giving this gal a little pep talk.  For the most part this is young lady that is pretty comfortable in her own skin and doesn't have one single SHALLOW bone in her body (despite her rather shallow mother).  But all teenage girls need a pep talk every so often when they have had a little disappointment in their life.
  They need to be reminded about what is REALLY important. They need to be told not to underestimate themselves.  They need to be carefully prodded to reach higher.  Sometimes they need to hear from the adults in their lives how important it is to not settle for "plan B" just because "plan A" didn't happen right away and it might require a little more work.
And in the process of having said conversation, I told her that she needed to remember DAILY that she is a beautiful, smart, kind, and wonderful person.  At the end of the day that is all that matters.  I told her I wished that she would look at herself in the mirr…

The most stressful stage of parenting, for me

Without a doubt this is it. Atleast for me. I have never been a nervous mother before. But this makes me nervous. In a month or so we will have not one but TWO teenage drivers on the road. (Tanner is being held hostage a little bit by Brent who insists that he accomplish a few things toward getting his Eagle Scout before he will take him to get his license.) . Oh my! It scares me to death every single time they are behind the wheel. I worry that they are going to get lost. or distracted and run into something or someone. that they might get hurt Or hurt someone else. Uuugggghhhh. The reality is you just have to teach them best you can and then loosen the apron strings. It doesn't mean I won't worry.

Valentine's Day 2012

I woke up to this on Valentine's Morning.  My hubby is the romantic one of the two of us.  This is his LOVE LANGUAGE.
Made not one but two yummy heart shaped pot pies (Brady's LOVE LANGUAGE) and a salad in a fun red heart salad bowl. 
 Had some leftover GIANT cupcakes from the 4th grade valentine party to share for dessert.  (All three of my girl's LOVE language: chocolate!) (Forgot to mention that I threw a party for 147 4th graders today.  Boy, am I glad that is over.)

These are my honey-do's that my honey has committed to getting done for me this week.  This is MY LOVE LANGUAGE.  :)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Wisdom of an older brother

Back here I talked about what this is above.  Yesterday, while cleaning the girl's room, I came across this lunch box note to Reagan (aka: "Ray-Gun")  from Tanner.  Apparantly, she felt it was profound enough to be a "keeper".   Sometimes an older brother's wisdom has more potency than a parent.

trying to do our part

Elisa, Jensen, the Elders, Tanner, and Brady (some air hockey on "P day" before the discussion.)

We are trying to do our part over here at the Argyle house.  I have never really thought of myself as much of a missionary.  Most of my friends until the last few years have been members of the church - which makes it hard.  That changed when we moved to Prosper.  We are so much more involved with neighbors and within the community so we have alot more opportunity to be member missionaries and examples.
Almost a year ago, Tanner had a friend (Layton) from the swim team come up to him and express interest in the church.  He started taking the discussions.  Lo and behold his dad (Josh) was not all too keen on the idea so he decided that he was going to sit in on the discussions and see what the missionaries were filling his son's head with.
Well a few months later, Josh was baptized.  This coming saturday his wife, Jennifer is going to be baptized.  When their daughter turns …

Dinner table fun

This is one of my favorite ways to get my kids to hang out in the kitchen with me while I'm making dinner. I also learn a lot about them because I change the question from week to week. I get craft paper from micheals or hobby lobby, throw some markers in the center, and write a question on the corner that gets the juices flowing. They usually like to throw an illustration or two in with their answer for fun.

Some questions I have asked before:

What would you wish for if you had three wishes?
Who are you grateful for?
What do you resolve to do this year?