Friday, August 29, 2008

a moment of silence please....

I dropped my camera the first day of school when I was taking photos of the kids. It won't work now. It was a gift from Brent last Christmas. Needless to say, he is less than thrilled with me. (It is a good thing he loves me unconditionally - I am constantly testing that whole unconditional love thing with tstupid things I do such as this.) He is taking it in to see if it can be fixed today. Needless to say, I am bummed.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

top ten highlights

I had so many sweet emails from many of you telling us how much you missed us and were looking forward to hearing about our last minute vacation so here are some highlights.....

#1: Our first night in Galveston we stayed here at the Hotel Galvez. It is directly across from the beach. This was one of the nicest hotels I have ever been in and if I were to do it again, I would stay here a couple of days and do a little shorter cruise. It was seriously nice.

#2: We took off our flip flops and walked to dinner on the beach. Kiki, Reagan, and Brady's first time to see the beach and experience sand between their toes.

#3: Looking out over the cruise ship into the ocean. What a view!

#4: Progresso, Mexico. This was such a good experience for all of us. This is a very poor region. On the bus ride in we were able to see children working (instead of going to school on a weekday), clothes hung out on lines (no electricity), dilapidated housing. If I remember anything I hope to never take any of those things for granted again.
#5:In Progresso, we enjoyed a tour of the Mayan Ruins (sorry no pics yet, on Jensen's camera),

#6: an authentic mexican buffet(we decided we all prefer TEX MEX), ...

#7: and a mexican horse show.

#8:Brady, Kiki, and Reagan rode on the horse with the "Charro".

#9: the beautiful turquoise beach at Cozumel.

#10: In the marketplace at Cozumel.
Overall it was so much fun. We are so glad to be home, though. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed. We are glad to be back among so many wonderful friends and family. We really missed you guys!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

"to do" list ...

1. Pack family of 7 up in several of these:

for long awaited VACATION!!!

2. Get school supplies, backpacks, class schedules, and lunchboxes for all four of these:

3. Get this little guy

ready for preschool.

4. Lunch with a dear ole friend. (I love you Chesney!)

5. A playdate with two other dear friends and their sweet boys that I love (sorry no pics)

6. Make this:

for a new momma and her sweet family that I love..

7. Spend some quality time doing this:

(ok, on a personal note, I am lovin this picture - it just might show up on my new comment pic.)

8. Find time to devote to this...

9. An appointment for a kid that has these:

10. And one of these:

before I leave for vacation!

Wish me luck! I am wondering if I will survive it. At the risk of sounding like I am complaining, I am grateful for all of these things. I love my big family. I love my friends. I love to cook for friends and celebrate the birth of beautiful new babies and show them how much i love them. i love my calling and the wonderful women that I serve with - they teach me so much. I even love the vacuuming part and the laundry part. That only means that I have a home and some clothing to care for. It is just that I am usually not one to overload myself. I am usually one to keep it all balanced out pretty good. However, this week I am a little off my game. This week I have a few too many balls in the air. Oh well, what is it they say? "This too will pass"????

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let me introduce you to 12 of my best girl friends...

These are my girls! My posse. My therapists. My support system. My child development specialists who always have just the right advice. These girls make me laugh and a few times we have cried together. They have the best advice for anything from vacation ideas to potty training to ideas for a calling to great recipes. We dine together. We encourage each other. Oh yeah...and every once in awhile we talk about a book :O) We have been in the same book club for...i dunno...I guess 13 years or so. Atleast for me. That is when I joined them-thirteen years ago. I can't believe how much time flies. We have been through SO much together. When we started we were all getting married and having babies. Now we are sharing ideas on how to parent our teenagers. Two of our group are moving away and we will miss you dearly, Natalie and Jackie. I get tears in my eyes just typing this. We have such a great bond. Girls
I love you and appreciate your friendship. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Thanks for the memories. See you next month!

Monday, August 4, 2008

If you're looking for a good excuse to not do housework...

Let me suggest this:
The Color Code.

Some of you know I want to go into this field someday. This book has been so helpful to me over the years in so many ways. (It started with a book about 10 years ago, the Dr. who wrote it is LDS and it was on the best seller list for a long time...) Anyway, you take the test and find out what type of personality you are. There are four types (RED, YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE). There is not a best color. All the colors have strengths and weaknesses. You will probably not be ALL one color but you will generally have a dominant color. I am 67% BLUE. The idea behind it is that the Savior was the best of each of the colors. We should try to overcome our weak areas and capitalize on our strengths. It takes about 15 minutes and it is free. You can sign up for the extended analysis (which costs money) but if you do the test and comment me with what color you are I will email you the packet I have created about the personality types. I have taught this class many times and have ALOT of info on all of the colors. Have your hubbies take it too, just for fun.

Here is the part that I think is so cool: It helps you know what strengths and weaknesses you have, and clearly helps you identify areas to work on. It also can aid your understanding of relationships or personalities that you may struggle with. As an example, it really helped me understand my hubby who is a total YELLOW (think: play! play! play!) and I am a BLUE (think: work! work! work!). BLUES and YELOWS are opposites. Once I identified what motivated him it helped me to understand him so much. Now I know that in order to get him to help me around the house, I offer to do something fun with him afterward.

Its also helped me when working with people in callings: REDS love to be in charge, YELLOWS like to be the center of attention, etc. WHITES are peacemakers and can work well with anyone.

When I was in YW we did this as a class for moms and daughters and many of the moms said it was a turning point in understanding their daughters better and thus improving their interaction.

For me, it has been helpful in disciplining, relating to my children. I have two blues, a red, and two yellows.

Click here:

Take the test, and if you want more info comment to me what color you are and i will send you the packet. REMEMBER THERE IS NO BEST COLOR TO HAVE.