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What House Do You Live In?

"I got two "A's", the small boy cried. His voice was filled with glee. His father very bluntly asked, "Why didn't you get three?" "Mom, I've got the dishes done!" The girl called from the door. Her mother very calmly said, "And did you sweep the floor?" "I've mowed the grass," the tall boy said, "And put the mower away!" His father asked him, with a shrug, "Did you clean off the clay?" The children in the house next door Seem happy and content. The same things happened over there, But this is how it went: "I got two A's", the small boy cried, His voice was filled with glee. his father proudly said, "That's great!" "I'm glad you live with me!" "Mom, I've got the dishes done." The girl called from the door. Her mother smiled and softly said, "Each day I love you more". "I've mowed the grass", the tall boy said, "And put the mower away!&q…

We're just wild about Gigi...

We spent a lot of time with "Gigi" (great grandmother, get it?) last week. My grandfather passed away on Wednesday. He has been taking care of her for the last few years. She has Alzheimer's and can't be left alone. When he died, she came and hung out with us for a few days. We loved having her here. Brady kept asking if we were gonna get to keep her. :O) I am so glad to report that we found her an AWESOME assisted living center that she is so excited about moving in to!!!! She is going to love it there because there is SO much to do every single day (water aerobics, dinner at restraunts, trips to Walmart, SuperTarget, the museum, movies, etc.)
We love you Gigi

Can you think of a better way?

Image celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY?

Let's just say we are off to "sweet" start here at our house.

Here are the carnations that McKinley and Reagan came home from school with yesterday. The red ones are McKinley's and the White ones are Reagans. They got one from each member of the family. They both proudly reported that they got the most in their class- one of the perks of having a big family. Reagan got a flower from a boy in her class. Hello! 1st Grade! They sure start early, don't they?

spreadin' the love, I {heart} this family tradition

This is a fun tradition we do every year for Valentine's Day. We have done it for as long as I remember and I think it is a favorite of our kids. We draw names and shop for seven items for that person. I usually give them a budget to work within. Then we decorate bags, hang them on our bedroom door, and secretly drop a goodie in the person's bag every night when they are not looking. It is so fun to wake up and find a "little S' (litte suprise) as we call them. I think they get much more excited about GIVING to their Valentine then GETTING. There have been a couple times a brother or sister that have been having a hard time getting along have gotten each other's name and it did wonders for improving the peace around here! I think that might just be the case again this year. :O)

"Holy Bat Bike, Batman!"

Brady's preschool has a traditional Grand Prix Race every year. The dads and kids are supposed to create a car (or in our case, vehicle) together out of cardboard, decorate it any way they like and then they race them in the "GRAND PRIX". All the dads take the day off work to go. It is a pretty big deal.
This was our third Grand Prix to participate in as Mckinley and Reagan went to the same school. Brent was feeling pretty creative when he and Tanner decided to build Brady the Batman Motorcycle. Oh my! They spent HOURS and HOURS on this thing. Here is the finished product.
You can't see it but it had "guns" and a laser sight on it. A little over the top you might say. I put my foot down when he started talking about embedding a motorcycle sound in it.
I have to admit that they had alot of fun making it.

And naturally, when you are riding on the batman motorcycle you HAVE to wear your Batman mask!

Brady was pretty excited when he brought home a first place ri…

An oldie but a goodie :O)

"When You Have the Spirit" by Marvin J. Ashton
You feel happy, calm and clear-minded.
You feel generous.
Nobody can offend you.
You wouldn't mind everybody seeing what you are doing.
You are eager to be with people and want to make them happy.
You are glad when others succeed.
You are glad to attend your meetings and participate in church activities.
You feel like praying.
You could keep all the Lord's commandments.
You feel in control. You don't overeat, or sleep too much, you don't feel uncontrollably drawn to sensational entertainment, lose your temper, or feel uncontrollable passions or desires.
You think of the Savior often and lovingly; you want to know him better.
You feel confident and are glad to be alive. "When You Don't Have the Spirit" You feel unhappy, depressed, confused, and frustrated.
You feel possessive, self-centered, or resentful of demands made on you. You are easily offended.
You become secretive and evasive.
You avoid people, especiall…