Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April according to my iphone

 It was Well check month at the Argyle home for me, Tanner, Reagan, and Brady.  I don't mind because it is a chance to take them out of school and spend some one on one time together.  Of course, after the Dr. appt., it is customary that we do SOMETHING fun.  Tanner wanted to go to Baker Brothers for lunch.

 We went swimming with the Goldens one Saturday at Cooper.
 We love our cousins.
 Went prom shopping with this kid and he was in heaven when he saw this Ron Burgundy (anchorman) jacket.  Macie, his date, you owe me!  He almost wore this to prom but I talked him out of it.

 Kade, Tanner, and McKinlee went to see Two Door Cinema Club at the Palladium.

 We enjoyed a fun day in McKinney square and had lunch at the Local Yokel.
 Brady went to a magic show themed birthday party and has since become a budding magician.
 He also taught us a great lesson about Elder Bednar for Family home Evening.

 Reagan and Brady had their well checks and opted for Chocolate shakes and taking the rest of the day off from school.  (Sshhhh...don't tell)

 Tanner's Eagle Scout project is in full swing with a little help from the whole family.

 Had a rare Friday night alone with these two.  Brent was playing golf in a tournament, Tanner had a date, and the girls were at a birthday party so we treated ourselves to Fuddruckers.

And I've been gathering photos for Jensen's table and the slide show at our ward "Senior Night"  We get to honor all of the graduating seniors tomorrow night.  It has given me a chance to reflect once more on what a great girl this is.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

sweet release

Today I was released from a calling that took a chunk of my life for the last five years.  I spent the last week reminiscing.  This is from one of the 5 stake 11 year old campouts we hosted.  
Here is from our Stake daddy daughter dance last year.  We hosted four of those. 
Every year we host a scout leader training day with the stake young men that we call "Little Philmont".
This is one of my sweetest memories.  We felt inspired to form a stake children choir for stake conference.  The kids provided all the music for two sessions of stake conference (2 hours each).  We thought we were crazy when we first thought if it.  So did the Stake Presidency.  But you would never believe how well behaved those kids were!   They were angels and we felt like it was one of the most terrific experiences we had as a Stake Primary.  This is a copy of what was published in the friend about it.
Here is a family pic from one of the daddy daughter dances.  Brent was taking Kiki and Reagan and Jensen tagged along to help us out.
Over the five years I had 4 counselors and three secretaries.  Each of them was a joy to work with.  This is with Teri Perkes (2nd C.) - me - Christi Kovach (1st C.) - and Dianne Brown (sec).  I will always love these great ladies.
It wasn't all hard work and no play.  We had some fun along the way too.
Christi was my first counselor through the entire time and I will forever hold her close as one of the greatest friendships I have had the experience of knowing.  We have committed to go to the temple once a quarter together so we can keep in touch. That is pretty amazing considering our time together started with me praying over a list of 1200 names of women for a counselor and feeling so inspired to call her without knowing her or anything about her or having even laid eyes on her.  Heavenly Father really knows what he is doing.
All of the current presidency (sorry I don't have a pic of Shandi the current 2nd counselor, she is as cute as a button) went to the temple and lunch one last time on Friday and I gave a little memento and note to each of them to remind them of our time together and the chance we had to labor for the little children of our stake. 

 Here is to those callings that sssstttttttrrrrreeeeeettttttcccccchhhhh us.  
It's been a great ride. 
 I have learned a lot and made some terrific friends.  

Now off I go to plan our Stake Trek.....  Heaven help me.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On our way to having an Eagle in the family


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You never quit on a hill

This amazing lady was just released as general YW president of my church.  She had responsibility for the young girls (ages 12-18) for the last five years.  During that time she has become one of my favorite speakers.  I was listening to an interview recently of her and her husband (ironically, while I was out on a run)  and was struck by an experience she shared. 

Sister Dalton had 5 boys and 1 girl.  Her husband, Stephen,  and some of her sons were avid runners.  Her sons participated in cross country at school and her husband would regularly go on long runs with them.  One year for Mother's day (shortly after the birth of her 6th child) they gave her a set of running shoes as a gift.  She was excited to use them even though she had never been much of a runner before.  She felt like she was missing out on an opportunity to bond with her boys every time they left her at home while they went running together.

That was many years ago and since then she has completed several marathons.  She and her husband enjoy running together still to this day.  ( I think she is in her 60s).  That is pretty impressive.

One day, early into her training as a new runner, she was out running with Stephen.  He was a little ahead of her.  They were starting on a rather steep hill and she was frustrated with him.  He being a much faster, stronger runner - was leaving her behind as she was struggling up the hill.  At one point she said, "Well maybe I'll turn around and go back to the car!"    At that point, he turned around and came back to her and said, 
"Oh, Elaine, don't you know?  
You never quit on a hill."

She kept going.  
And he stayed by her side.  
She said that when they got to the top of that hill the view was well worth it.  
And she really enjoyed the downhill after that.

I love that!  I have had some hills in my life that were so hard, I wanted to quit and go do something easier.
372 days ago Brent had the surgery that completely healed him after 6 years of being ill.  Now that he has enjoyed a year of good health, I am so grateful that I didn't quit on the hill.

I'm not foolish enough to think that is the only hill I will have to climb in my life.
The future will undoubtedly bring more hills, more adversity.    That is part of life experience.  And that is ok.   I'm stronger and faster and I've seen the view from the top and it is so worth it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

remarkable kids

Let me tell you about some remarkable kids.  Teenagers.  16, 17 and 18 year olds.
At first glance, you might think I mean they are remarkable because they are such a good looking bunch.
Strikingly beautiful girls, handsome boys.
They make choices every day of their lives to help them stay clean and virtuous and true to the truth that they have been taught.  
Look closely and you will see it in their countenances.  They shine.
They are all those things!  But so much more.

These kids get up every morning bright and early and attend a 1 hour scripture study class at our church at 6am EVERY DAY BEFORE SCHOOL.  For the girls that probably means they are up by 5am.
They choose to show virtue by dressing modestly, treating their bodies like the gifts God gave them.  Trust me!  That is not an easy feat.  Try finding a cute prom dress that doesn't show too much leg or cleavage or isnt too tight.  All three of these gems did it, though.
These kids are leaders.  They excel in most everything they do.  National honor society members, Swim team, volleyball, soccer team, church class presidents, boy scouts.  That handsome one in the pink tie was finishing up his eagle project the very next day to complete his rank of EAGLE SCOUT.  In less than 6 months he will dedicate 2 entire years of his life to serve a full time mission for our church in whatever country he is assigned.   The other two boys plan to do the exact same thing  when they graduate next year.  

I LOVE these young men and young women with all my heart.  
To me, everything about them is remarkable.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When I grow up I want to be like her

Reagan, that is.

She felt prompted one Sunday to write some words of encouragement to a friend in our ward that is battling breast cancer.  We have been praying for her as a family.  Reagan, however, -completely without prodding from parents-decided to watercolor a pretty floral picture and tell her that she was "INVINCIBLE" and then asked if I would drive her over to Sister Burton's house so she could give it to her.

Sister Burton sent this in the mail this week.

She is such an example to me of being sensitive to the Spirit and acting on it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Leaning on his faith

I really love General Conference weekend. And not just because I can spend the day in my jammies - although that is kinda nice. I love all the personal instruction I get from what the General Auxilary leaders have to say.  This year we added a game that I saw on pinterest to help everyone stay attentive and boy howdy, it worked.

Everytime they heard a speaker say one of these words, they got to pull from that bowl. 
Tanner was hoping for a talk about Missionary work because he really likes those mini chocolate donuts.  He said Elder Cook was his new favorite speaker because he really delivered in that department.  :O)

My personal favorite was from Elder Holland.  He talked about increasing our faith.  There were a couple of memes on Instagram almost immediately with quotes from his talk.  Apparantly some other people liked what he had to say too.

I think the reason that I loved his talk so much was that at the conclusion of it, he said that if we felt that we didn't have very much faith, we were welcome to lean on his until we did.  That brought tears to my eyes because there was a time awhile back when I feel like I did exactly that!  A particular trial had gone on for so long that my faith well had run dry and things seemed so hopeless.  I would watch Elder Holland's message called "Good Things to come" every day.  I did that for a couple of months.  I have posted it here before but here it is again.

Here is the talk that the video was based on here:

At the end of the video when he says,
"Don’t you give up. Don’t you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. It will be all right in the end. Trust God and believe in good things to come.”

Even when I had a hard time seeing light at the end of a very dark tunnel, I believed him when he said that things would get better.
And they did.