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May 2016 according to my iPhone

We started off the month with a flag football 2nd place win for our division.  Not bad for a bunch of rookies who had never played before but they sure know how to have fun.  The weather has been so fantastic.  I took this one night on my porch while I sat and did homework.  Brent was at the pond fishing.  Elder Argyle continues to do what he does best.  Lots of success in the mission field.
 And he got the chance to meet Elder Holland.   Pretty much his favorite Apostle.  And mine. Are you allowed to have favorite apostles?  Well if you are, he is definitely the favorite.  Tanner had a cool experience when Elder Holland was talking to the missionaries.  He asked a question that no one seemed to be answering with the specific answer he was looking for.  Tanner said after twenty or so tries he raised his hand and answered and it was exactly what Elder Holland was looking for.  After that he kept referring back to Tanner while he spoke.  It was a good moment for Elder Argyle.  Kiki an…