Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I will never look at the word transformation the same again.  These last few months have truly re-defined this word for me.  I wish I had before pictures to show you this home.  Words can not describe it.  Imagine 40 year old carpet that had never been professionally cleaned and had homed indoor dogs (usually multiple dogs at one time), layers of dust on everything in the home that were inches thick.  Imagine peeled walled paper everywhere, the stench of mildew, toilets and showers that were permanently stained.  The saddest part of all was the stuff.  It was wall to wall stuff from one sid of the house to the other.  We don't know where my father slept in this house.  He had two beds but they were both covered in stuff.  We suspect he slept every night in a chair in the living room.  It makes me so sad to think about.  The first few times I came to his house to take care of his final wishes, it zapped me of all of my energy.  I felt total anxiety.  Not that I had to be there but that he had lived like this.  In complete filth. It was so physically draining.  It took two days of a three man team of professionals just to clear out all the junk (and that was after a month of us going in and getting anything of value out).  

But look at her now!
She is beautiful.  She sold within 3 hours of putting her on the market and for the asking price plus.  She is going to be the home of a young newlywed couple that is hoping to start adding to their family.  What was once such a sad, depressing environment has become one filled with hope and promise.  It has been transformed.  I am grateful for these past few months that I have had the chance to be a part of it.  You can not imagine the amount of work it took but change can absolutely be transformative.  And not just for houses.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in review


I finished the first of many projects around the house.  This one is my favorite spot: our family picture wall.
We had TONS of family time (and I couldn't get enough of it) due to all the ice on the roads.  School, seminary, and church were cancelled which meant we had nowhere to go and nothing pressing to do but watch netflix and sip hot chocolate in front of the fire.

We celebrated Reagan's 13th birthday by painting over the flowers on her walls and redecorating her room.

Brent started his new job and Jensen enjoyed 7 wonderful weeks in London, Ireland, and Scotland in BYUi's study abroad program.

Celebrated 20 years of being a mother to these crazies.


Celebrated 26 years married to my soul mate and best friend.

Went on a family vacay to San Antonio

My father died very unexpectedly when he went in to have surgery and never woke up.  It was a devastating loss.
We also celebrated our favorite missionary's one year mark.

Jensen started her junior year at BYUi, I started teaching adult institute, we became completely debt free, and started some long awaited home renovations.

McKinley went to her first homecoming dance with some super sweet friends.
Our ward split, we enjoyed fall break in Grapevine at Great Wolf Lodge while I made some renovations to my father's house so we could prep it for sale, and went to ALOT of football games to watch cheerleaders.

The best thing about December was the hour long Facetime we got with our boy.  What a wonderful way to spend Christmas.

2015 has been so good to us.  We are grateful for all of the blessings, comfort, strength, support, friendships, memories, and love we have been able to enjoy this year, recognizing our Heavenly Father's hand in all of it.    We hope to offer the same to others in 2016.