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I pretty much adore this girl

Fourteen things I absolutely adore about this girl.
1. She is quick with a compliment 2. perky 3. a good friend 4.  sensitive to others 5. affectionate to her siblings and parents 6. applies herself to school work 7.  knows how to work hard for something she wants 8. self deprecating at times, which means she doesn't take herself too seriously 9. fun to shop with 10. knows how to turn the other cheek  11. she is an early to bed, early to rise girl (Sometimes at 8:30 we will be looking of her and realize that she has put herself to bed) 12.  She has a great sense of self 13.  confident without being arrogant 14.  She has a heart of Gold.

Reagan's 14th birthday bash

Is there a better way to spend your 14th birthday then with friends? Maybe.  How about rock climbing, bowling, bumper cars, ropes courses, laser tag, video games, all you can eat pizza and cake with 15 of your closest friends? That sounds like pretty much the perfect way to celebrate turning the big 1-4.  

NYC 2016

We decided to spend Spring Break 2016 in New York City and it was a blast.  We could not have ordered better weather.  A friend who was there the week before us said it was absolutely freezing when she was there but it was in the high 60s and low 70's for us.