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Homecoming 2009

Poor Jensen missed out on all the fun, she was home with the flu for her very first high school homecoming. :O(

2 of the men in my life are leaving me a.k.a. life is about to change.

Why, you ask?
Finally after six months of legal proceedings, mediation, and writing checks to attorneys: Brent is starting his new job tomorrow (and he is counting down the minutes, I think). Don't get me wrong. I think he enjoyed being home. For the first few months. And then it got old. He can't wait to be anxiously engaged in something other than a "honey-do" list. I am going to miss having him around as a constant companion to run errands, help with laundry (have I told you how good he is at laundry?), pick up and drop off from school. Those days are over as of tomorrow. He will be traveling a little too so I am in for a rude awakening, of sorts. On the flip side, I TOTALLY prefer getting a paycheck to watching our savings account dwindle. It is a completely welcome trade for both of us!
Also: Brady will be going to school everyday starting tomorrow. Three days he will go to Janette's "art/playschool" and then two days a week to preschool in Plano. H…

a downright "cheer"full week!

Reagan and McKinley attended the Eagle Cheer clinic this week, hosted by our very own Prosper High School Cheerleaders. They got to cheer at the game Friday night too. It was really fun. Here is a cute pic with Hillary and Lucy who are on the varsity squad but also happen to be members of our ward. They were sweet to take this pic with Reagan and McKinley after the Eagles defeated the Farmers 27 to ZERO!!! GO PROSPER!!!!