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the Directioners

As soon as Sheri and I heard about the ONE DIRECTION movie that was coming out, we knew we had to organize a fun girls night out with our daughters.  Two years ago, before 1D was HUGE, we took them to concert in Frisco and they have all been in love with Nial, Liam, Louie, Harry, and Zane ever since.  Sheri and I are big fans too.
We invited anyone who wanted to come and before we knew it we had about 18 girls and 9 moms on board.  We gathered at Sheri's house two nights before the premier and made these cute tshirts for each of the girls.

The finished product.  The moms.
a fabulous group of girls  and a great group of ladies.  It was so much fun. And Reagan was the lucky winner of this 1D tshirt.  The winning slip of paper was under her chair.

Back in the saddle again

No first day jitters here.  This crew was ready and excited to go back, except for maybe Tanner because of PreCal and College algebra.  I'm the mean mom who signed him up for two math classes each semester.  But hey!  In my defense, He's REALLY good at math.

This cute gal is going to rock 6th grade.
 And this one is going to love 7th grade at her new campus.  He is starting 3rd grade.  How the time flies!

And this big boy is a Senior.

I think McKinley likes that her big brother will be taking her to school every morning. Maybe his truck is a little cooler than my mom mobile.  
 Reagan got a pic with Kylie and Marrin. (and her awesome principal!) We will carpool with them every day. Dang!  Those are some cute girls!

And on my first day back to a little free time and normalcy I made these cute little Rx for "Smart Pills" for the families that Brent and Tanner home teach (and my own kids of course!)

getting there

I already mentioned that I am ready for everyone to go back to school.   Well this week after schedule pick up and locker decorating for this 6th grader at one campus...  and schedule pick up and locker decorating for this 7th grader at another campus...  and meet the teacher for this new 3rd grader... (This is his cute teacher, Mrs. Cobb)   and this SENIOR boy got his shipment of all of his crazy tshirts that he ordered.
(That is all he wanted for back to school shopping, 10 funny tees and a new pair of Sperrys to complete his collection.  (Teenage boys are WAY easier to get ready for going back to school than girls, just sayin'.)   And finally today we made the crazy huge Costco run for back to school lunches. i I think I'm officially ready.
Except now I need to help that college gal get ready for her departure date that is coming up in two weeks.  We bought the tix to fly her and Brent out  but there is alot still to do.
Wish me luck.

First ever Mother Daughter Book Club

Well our first ever mother Daughter Book Club was a hit.  We had a great turnout and the girls really enjoyed meeting each other and making new friends.   Here are links to all of the recipes I made.

Berry Poppy Vinagraitte
Chicken Berry Salad  (I subbed raspberries and blueberries for strawberries and used the dressing above)
Strawberry cheesecake bars

blackberry cobbler Orange fluff jello salad