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The Help

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
loved this book LOVED IT! there are 34 chapters and about a dozen uses of profanity so beware to the squeaky clean readers. I loved it. Very well written. Loved the characters. Interesting premise. Never read anything like it before.

Listen to my book club girls: I am picking this next time it is my turn to host so please dont steal my thunder!!!

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Pink Panthers

Just had to post this picture of three really cute "pink panthers".

14 years of fun a.k.a I LOVE THIS KID!!!!

Ever since Tanner came on the scene we have been laughing. He cracks me up constantly and gets funnier with every year. I adore my son. Whoever the girl is that finally nabs him is dang lucky. He has such a great disposition and he knows how to do dishes and clean toilets to boot. Last night he celebrated his 14th birthday with a few of his buddies at the Mavs/ Jazz game. Happy birthday baby boy! Thanks for 14 fun filled years!

New Year's Eve Dance

My little sister, Lindsey, came over Thursday night to help me get Jensen and her friends ready for the big NYE dance! We did hair and makeup for two straight hours but it was fun! Just look at these beautiful babes.

It was Tanner's very first Stake Dance. Just for the record, he said he danced 16 times. (His mom gave him a lecture before he left about the importance of asking girls to dance - I guess it worked!)