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My last's last

I was sitting out on the stairs in our front yard waiting with Brady (also known as "the caboose")for his ride to preschool to come pick him up. Then, it hit me. Today is his last day of preschool. When school starts back up in the fall, he's going to have his own little list of school supplies to buy. His own little backpack, lunchbox. He will be gone all day with everyone else. I got a little ....verklempt. I sent him on his merry way and then came back in the house and broke down. I am going to miss him so much! For the last fifteen years I have always had a child in the house all day, every day. Starting August 23rd, I won't. My life is about to change. Drastically. Secretly, I would "red shirt" him in a heartbeat if I thought he wasn't ready to go. But he is. It's just that I'm not.

I give it an A+

The end of the school year always brings with it the question, "What do I give to the teacher that goes above and beyond the call of duty?" You know, the ones that communicate love every minute of each day that your child is in her care? The one who challenges her to new heights? I saw something like this in family fun magazine and made my own version. I am so happy with how it turned out.

It says, "Someone bloomed because of me".

Each of the little clip art pictures has a gift card attached to the back of it. Things like Sonic, blockbuster, half price books, movie theater, etc..
Here is to all of the Mrs. Thorntons of the world. Thanks for a great year.

me, being mushy

It will be 21 years next month. I can't believe how fast it has flown.
I am so grateful. I am a lucky girl. He loves me. unconditionally. Even on the days when I am full of girly hormones. Here's how I know it, lately:

whole-wheat chocolate chip pancakes cleaning his office when it is my turn to host book club head massages when I have a migraine LIFETIME instead of the basketball game letting me pick the "date night" restaurant and flowers - "just cuz".
(to name a few)
I love him. unconditionally. I am a lucky girl.

The Army of Helaman

This past Stake conference experience was one I hope to never forget. It started about 6 months ago. I remember sitting in our Stake Primary Presidency meeting, telling my counselors and secretary that I really wanted to talk to the Stake Presidency about having a Senior Primary Choir. I could tell by the look on their faces that they thought I was a little crazy. 2 hours on the pulpit? Sitting reverently? Not being a distraction?
When I talked to the member of the Stake Presidency over us about it, his response was similar. He questioned their ability to sit still the entire time. But he said he would talk to the rest of the Stake Presidency about it.

A week later he told me, "let's do this" We are totally on board. I was so excited! For two days I poured through songs trying to prayerfully select which ones to have the children sing. 2 songs needed to be chosen for prelude and two musical numbers during the meeting.

We made some posters to advertise the choir and schedul…