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A discouraging day and a note that made a big difference

A few months ago, I had a discouraging day about trek.   Let me start by saying: I  do not do ANYTHING to be praised.  That is not what motivates me.  I work hard at church assignments -no matter what they are- because it feels right and it stretches me and I like the intrinsic reward that comes from doing things that require a lot from me.  
But one day several months ago, I was feeling under appreciated by some of the higher ups.  Really, really under appreciated.  And that in turn made me feel resentful because of all the time and effort  I am spending on trek.  It just felt like the only feedback on this one particular day was not very positive.  
And it was eating at me.
I prayed for a softer heart in working with some of the more difficult personalities I need to work with.
I prayed for feelings of approval from Heavenly Father that he was happy with the work we are all doing and how it is being executed.
I prayed for patience and long suffering with others.
Then I went out to the …

A little balance never hurt anyone

Lately I have been thinking a lot about BALANCE.   And praying for it.   Daily.   My current church assignment is requiring more of my time than any other calling I have ever had and it has been a challenge to take care of all the things I feel I SHOULD be doing and fulfill my responsibilities with church at the same time.
I feel spread too thin.  I usually avoid this scenario.  I rarely commit to ANYTHING until I check my schedule and band width to make sure it will not leave me feeling overwhelmed.  But this time it was unavoidable.  
It's especially hard for me to prioritize because everything on my daily to do list is good.  They are all good ways to spend my time.  
Scripture study,  visiting teaching,  exercising,  caring for my family,  climbing laundry  mountain so  my family will have clean clothes. You get the picture.
Which got me thinking. You can take ANYTHING good to excess and it can become BAD.
Exhibit A.   This dude. Clearly at one point he decided it would be good to get…

Guest Post from Hilary Weeks, " I will and I won't"

I loved this so much when I read it that I thought it warranted some plagiarism. Although I am going to give full credit to Hilary Weeks for writing it. Its a great way to look at goals for the New Year and good way to attack good and bad habits we want to work on.
I Will and I Won’t
 It has been 226 days since my last blog post. 226. That’s a lot of days. Too many. I have some really good excuses for why I didn’t blog. But they are uninteresting so we won’t dwell on them. I’m ready to move forward and blog again!   Just a couple of months ago I was doing some much needed ironing. (Do you let the ironing pile up too?) The stack of wrinkled clothes was high and deep – I was gonna be hanging out with the ironing board for a while. My mind somehow wandered ahead to 2014, goal-setting and New Year’s resolutions. Before I could mentally list the usual goals (lose some weight, study the scriptures more, be nicer…) an idea popped into my head.  It was simple – I Will & I Won’t. …

pioneers and college algebra class

It has been awhile since I posted.  Although I gotta admit, I  do not feel bad about it because I met my blogging goal for 2013 and needed a little downtime with my family.  I was completely off the grid and it felt great!
We watched a cool thing transpire this last semester and are using it to parallel a story from Brent's family history in our trek program.  I wanted to document it here.  It's one of those lessons I want to be able to look back at and remember.
I registered Tanner last summer for College Algebra through Collin College.  He had not taken the prerequisite course but scored so high on his math entrance exam that the HS counselor and I thought it was probably okay.  We knew it wouldn't be easy but we thought he was up to the challenge.
Well, after about 5 weeks, Tanner was exasperated!  He was completely discouraged and overwhelmed.  Not only did he fell he did not have the knowledge to complete the class with a decent grade, his professor was from another …