"to do" list ...

1. Pack family of 7 up in several of these:

for long awaited VACATION!!!

2. Get school supplies, backpacks, class schedules, and lunchboxes for all four of these:

3. Get this little guy

ready for preschool.

4. Lunch with a dear ole friend. (I love you Chesney!)

5. A playdate with two other dear friends and their sweet boys that I love (sorry no pics)

6. Make this:

for a new momma and her sweet family that I love..

7. Spend some quality time doing this:

(ok, on a personal note, I am lovin this picture - it just might show up on my new comment pic.)

8. Find time to devote to this...

9. An appointment for a kid that has these:

10. And one of these:

before I leave for vacation!

Wish me luck! I am wondering if I will survive it. At the risk of sounding like I am complaining, I am grateful for all of these things. I love my big family. I love my friends. I love to cook for friends and celebrate the birth of beautiful new babies and show them how much i love them. i love my calling and the wonderful women that I serve with - they teach me so much. I even love the vacuuming part and the laundry part. That only means that I have a home and some clothing to care for. It is just that I am usually not one to overload myself. I am usually one to keep it all balanced out pretty good. However, this week I am a little off my game. This week I have a few too many balls in the air. Oh well, what is it they say? "This too will pass"????


Amanda said…
Does sound overwhelming....but since you are Super Woman I know you have it all organized and planned out and everything will get done! I LOVE shopping for backpacks and school supplies!!!!!
shahna said…
Awww Amanda you are sweet. I should have known you would be the first to boost my morale. YAY for mommy time tomorrow!!!!
Danielle said…
wow so much stuff to do. where are you going on vacation? thanks so much for calling in Evans name to the temple, that means a lot to me! I have to take him to the Parkland burn center tomorrow, the plastic surgeon he was supposed to see said that he cant do anything for a year after the accident. my dr. said at the burn center they have plastic surgeons there as well and they might have to cut the skin and do something weird with it. so thats where we'll be tomorrow. ugh...I hope it all turns out okay.
where ya goin'? Have fun! I'm sure you'll be able to do it all, you always do.... :)
shahna said…
Andrea, your sweet but it is all a facade. A little known secret around my house is that I RARELY get it all done. Sometimes I just throw my hands in the air and abandon it all.
Bethanne said…
I have much to learn, Yoda. If you could PLEASE teach me how to not get so overwhelmed, create too many things on my to-do list, make a little time for myself, complete all my tasks, and still stay optimistic, positive and happy...well, I guess I'll give you a cookie. I'm SO Type A. :)
so, um, where ARE you going????
Sarah said…
Shahna, hope you have a great vacay-- an remember you're carpet will still be there when you get back. ENJOY!!!!
J said…
If there was ever anyone to do it ALL, it would be you! Have so much fun on your cruise, tell Mckinnley that we'll miss her!!!!!!! P.S. I looooove your family portrait!
Danielle said…
once Evan gets better I will have david call so we can do something soon!
gibblove said…
I love your to do list. You are such a sweet friend to everyone:) You are going to have such a good vacation. I can't wait to see pics!

Sounds like after all that, you're going to need a vacation!! :) Although, I think you're right, I'd much rather have a million things to do for all my kids than be sitting at a desk working all day. I can't wait for the day to be just a mom to all my kids. I know it'll be super hard work, but very rewarding too. You're a lucky gal to have such a great family! Have fun on vacation!!
Chesney said…
Do you have an outfit like the lady vacuuming? have fun, Thanks for meeting for lunch!
Amanda said…
I am missing your blog! Can't wait till your back!

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