Should I be worried????

So...Jensen, Reagan, and I were bonding while watching the Miss USA pageant in my room. I know, I know, it is chauvanistic and all that- but in alotta ways it can be entertaining as well.
Tanner walks in to see what we are doing about the time the hosts cut to commercial announcing that next up is the swimsuit competition. I turn to Tanner and say "Oh, your probably not interested in watching the swimsuit competition, huh?" (detect sarcasm) to which he replies, "Sure! But can we watch it in the family room in HIGH DEF?" :O)


Amanda said…
HA! Worried...nah:)
uh oh :) my second cousin is Miss Wisconsin...
haha that is funny!
That picture is taken at Pei Wei! :)
JasonandBritt said…
Kids these days are so spoiled with high def! That wasn't even an option back in the day when I was a kid... lol! This story is too funny! Tanner is a very handsome boy, so maybe you should be a little worried. :)
Danielle said…
hahaha, yea be worried. lol

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