Temple has a prayer ROLL, Argyles have a prayer BOWL

Got this GREAT idea from Shelly in my ward. She said her family compiles names they should be praying for and put it in a place where they can review it when they want to mention them by name in their personal and family prayers. My friend keeps hers in a beautiful pitcher. We put ours in a heart shaped bowl and leave it on our dining room table where we have family scripture study. Currently we are praying for a friend who suffers from chronic back pain, 2 unemployed dads, a family in our ward that is trying to sell their house to move across country for a new job, and my grandmother. It has been really cool and made our prayers a lot more meaningful.


cplatt said…
I have remembered that wonderful idea too, just need to implement it like you have. Way to act upon something great!
Chrystalee said…
Funny, I heard it also and I thought we should be doing that, but just never got around to it. You've re-motivated me!!! : )
What a great idea! Something I will be adding to our family's routine. Thanks.
The Gillespie's said…
That's a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. It's hard to remember all the people you're praying for, and this will definitely help us remember and make our prayers mean a lot more. Thanks again!
Natalie said…
Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
emblair said…
I know that must be Cheryl....you guys are so, so sweet to pray for her. She deserves all the prayers in the world!

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