2 of the men in my life are leaving me a.k.a. life is about to change.

Why, you ask?

Finally after six months of legal proceedings, mediation, and writing checks to attorneys: Brent is starting his new job tomorrow (and he is counting down the minutes, I think).

Don't get me wrong. I think he enjoyed being home. For the first few months. And then it got old. He can't wait to be anxiously engaged in something other than a "honey-do" list. I am going to miss having him around as a constant companion to run errands, help with laundry (have I told you how good he is at laundry?), pick up and drop off from school. Those days are over as of tomorrow. He will be traveling a little too so I am in for a rude awakening, of sorts. On the flip side, I TOTALLY prefer getting a paycheck to watching our savings account dwindle. It is a completely welcome trade for both of us!


Brady will be going to school everyday starting tomorrow. Three days he will go to Janette's "art/playschool" and then two days a week to preschool in Plano. He can not wait! He is soooo ready!

I wasn't going to do it. I wanted him home with me. Afterall, he IS my baby! My last! But the transition of going from 6 playmates every day (5 siblings and dad) to 1 (me) seemed to be too much for him and he was having a really hard time! Apparantly, I am not fun. Janette decided to do this little pre-school for a few hours each day and several of his buddies from church were attending so it seemed like the right thing to do. I feel good about it. Sort of. Afterall, he IS my baby. My last.


Suz said…
I hope Brady and Brent have a great week!
emblair said…
I'm being selfish right now and can only stand to have Molly gone from me one day each week. :) They grow up too fast, don't they. Best of luck to you seeing your boys off!
I'm so happy to hear Brent got a job and is able to work again! What a huge blessing for you. I'm sure with him working and all your kids in school, you are lonely at times. I hope all is well for you and your family. Good luck with everything!!

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