New Year's Eve Dance

My little sister, Lindsey, came over Thursday night to help me get Jensen and her friends ready for the big NYE dance! We did hair and makeup for two straight hours but it was fun! Just look at these beautiful babes.

It was Tanner's very first Stake Dance. Just for the record, he said he danced 16 times. (His mom gave him a lecture before he left about the importance of asking girls to dance - I guess it worked!)


Chesney said…
I meant to tell you I saw Jensen at the dance. She looks do grown up. Very beautiful kids, I mean teenagers!! We should get together soon!!
Amanda said…
They all look so beautiful! Except for Tanner of course...he looks very GQ.
gibblove said…
Very pretty! I can't believe how grown up your kids are getting! Tanner looked good too:) I'm sure he made some girls very happy:)
Kim said…
I can not believe that they are so grown up. Tanner was only three years old when we first met you! They are so big and beautiful, just like their MOM!
emblair said…
Wow, Jensen looks so gorgeous! And so grown up. She is such a beautiful young woman with such a sweet heart too. She always makes me smile.

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