baby bunnies

Mrs. Janette (Brady's preschool teacher) found a nest of 5 brand new baby bunnies in her back yard. Apparantly they found a nest of bunnies last year too but...uh didn't end very well. Something about a neighboring dog finding the nest get the picture. Anyway, in order to avoid a repeat of last year, she called us. She remembered that McKinley was an experienced bunny owner. Next thing you know we are hand feeding these little guys every five hours.... (sigh) and I thought my "nursing" days were over.


Chesney said…
How exciting! They are so cute!
Sarah said…
ooh, I always knew you were a saint :D
gibblove said…
Oh are they so cute!! I bet McKinley is loving it! What a fun thing for your kids to experience. How fun:)
emblair said…
They are so TINY!!
The A Team said…
they are so cute!

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