Life is like a wheel

I am  really enjoying the MORMON CHANNEL.    Especially,  I like a segment called "conversations" which is a collection of inspirational, well....conversations with general authorities and their wives and amazing members of the church that have overcome great obstacles.  Today I heard a quote that resonated with me. 

(I'm paraphrasing ): Joseph Smith made a statement once that life was like a wheel.

  There are going to be times when we are at the top of the wheel and in a position to give someone at the bottom of the wheel a hand up and there are going to be times we are at the bottom of the wheel in NEED of a helping hand.  Regardless, EVERYONE,  EVERYWHERE is going to have bottom of the wheel moments during their lifetime.

The last few years have been bottom-of-the-wheel years.  Whether it be health issues Brent was dealing with, financial trials, overwhelming medical bills, or just life feeling out of balance.  We have leaned on friends and family and their prayers and fasting a great deal.  We have , most importantly, felt the helping hand of our Savior.
I think our place on the wheel is about to change. 
I feel it.  Maybe it is just my new attempt to have a positive state of mind but I feel like the wheel is slowly turning and we are heading toward a better view.  Hopefully, a view that will allow us to lend others a helping hand.
Brent started a new job and he is really excited about it. 
 They seem like a company that takes good care of their employees.  The salary and benefits are such that it puts us in a better position to build our savings back up. 
We have alot of ground to cover.
He also turned over a company he started last year over to some investors. 
It has done really well  but he just doesn't have the band width to keep growing it, work full time, develop the non-profit he started, and spend time with us, his family.  He is keeping a  percentage of ownership but the investors think they can make it into a very lucrative company in the next few years with the connections that they have.  They want to build it and sell it in about three years. 
He also was put in touch with a surgeon
at UT Southwest (by our friend, Dr. Rich Thrasher) that he met with yesterday.  This Dr. comes highly credentialed and recommended and is interested in looking at doing a revolutionary surgery to help him get rid of his headache.  There are so many variables still to be decided.  He has to peruse over all of Bren't tests, read the study from the surgeon that pioneered this surgery in Phoenix, talk to his round table on rare diseases and get their ideas, and of course there is the awesome hurdle of talking to insurance about paying for it.

But I choose hope. 
I choose hope because I can. 
It feels better than choosing despair.
 I have had many moments of despair in the last few years and I don't like it very much. 
Financially, things are on the mend.  Physically, I think Brent is in a place right now that he can handle whatever comes his way: healed or not healed.  Atleast for now.  That is enough.
I admit, I am anxious to enjoy the view from the top of the wheel. 


Amanda said…
great post. Never thought of that analogy. But seems oh so true....Being on the bottom of the wheel is no fun at all.....glad you are nearing the upswing. I remember times of being on the bottom myself.

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