A discouraging day and a note that made a big difference

A few months ago, I had a discouraging day about trek.  
Let me start by saying: I  do not do ANYTHING to be praised.  That is not what motivates me.  I work hard at church assignments -no matter what they are- because it feels right and it stretches me and I like the intrinsic reward that comes from doing things that require a lot from me.  

But one day several months ago, I was feeling under appreciated by some of the higher ups.  Really, really under appreciated.  And that in turn made me feel resentful because of all the time and effort  I am spending on trek.  It just felt like the only feedback on this one particular day was not very positive.  

And it was eating at me.

I prayed for a softer heart in working with some of the more difficult personalities I need to work with.

I prayed for feelings of approval from Heavenly Father that he was happy with the work we are all doing and how it is being executed.

I prayed for patience and long suffering with others.

Then I went out to the mailbox.

And a note was there.

It was handwritten.

It says:

 "Brent and Shahna, I just wanted to take a minute to thank the two of you for all the time and effort and dedication you have put forth to make trek a memorable experience for us all.  I can feel your excitement and the love you have for the youth of our stake.  I am looking forward to a wonderful experience. I can't imagine all the preparation that goes on behind the scenes from the both of you.  Please know that you are very much appreciated and loved.  May you be blessed for all your efforts!!"

It was not signed.

Immediately, tears welled in my eyes.  I knew that Heavenly Father was aware of my discouragement and prompted someone to let me know that it WAS appreciated. 
 I am grateful to you, whoever you are
Thanks for being in tune and acting on the inspiration.  

There have been a few days now where I have gone back and read that note again.  It is a nice reminder that all this work will be worth it in the end and that kind hearted, inspired people are out there.


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