February according to my iphone

This boy continues to THRIVE on his mission in Tucson.  He seems so happy and is finding a lot of people to teach.
 We said goodbye to his best friend this month, who left to serve in Bangkok.  Kade will be a fantastic missionary and the people there are blessed to get him.
 I have been loving the BOM365 program on Instagram.  I blogged more about it earlier this month. I love it so much that I gave journals to my girls to do it for Valentines Day.

 We had lots of days where we were iced in this month.  That means lots of fires, hot chocolate, netflix movies. and sleeping in so it's been wonderful.

 Had to snap a quick pic of these two best buddies.  They were waiting for R and M while they were getting physicals one day.  They spent an hour and half playing on these ipads in the waiting room  but they were content as could be.  They are such good boys.
 Made this handout for my CTR 7 class.  Got the following text from one of the moms of a kiddo in my class the next day.  

 Brutus says phooey on all the cold weather.  He spent most of the month curled up in a ball in the corner on his new bed.  He HATES the cold.  He won't even go outside to eat or go to the bathroom if it is below freezing.
 We are in the process of re decorating Reagan's room.  I was looking for quotes I could frame and put on her walls.  I especially loved this one I found on Pinterest.

 Ever had one of those days when  nothing was going according to plan?  Well I had one like that this month and to top if all off, my laptop crashed.  I came home to this from a sweet, thoughtful friend.
 McKinley and Reagan are gearing up for cheer tryouts in March.  They have been attending tumbling workshops for two hours every Saturday for the last two months.

Jensen continues to work for a friend in our ward while she is home this semester.  She got her passport in the mail and that put a pretty big smile on her face.  She only has two months before she leaves for study abroad in London.  She is saving lots of money, enjoying the Starbucks near her office every morning (Brent drops her off on his way to work and she has about an hour to kill), she is reading any chance she gets a spare minute, and teaches the Sunbeams (3 year olds) in our church congregation.  She really loves it.

All three kiddos had to register for school for next year.  I can't believe my baby will be in 5th grade and Kiki will be in high school.

Brent continues to stay busy with work and church responsibilities but he loves it.  He is having a wonderful experience working with President Platt.  He seems to really love getting to know the people of our new stake when he does interviews.  I am so glad he feels well enough to serve.  He is about to celebrate 3 years headache free.

 I started graduate school and am almost done with my first class.  I am really learning alot and looking forward to learning even more.  My next class is all about counseling individuals who struggle with substance abuse.  It should be interesting.

Have a great March.
I, for one, am ready to boot this winter weather outta here and bring on the Spring!


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