May 2016 according to my iPhone

 We started off the month with a flag football 2nd place win for our division.  Not bad for a bunch of rookies who had never played before but they sure know how to have fun.
 The weather has been so fantastic.  I took this one night on my porch while I sat and did homework.  Brent was at the pond fishing.
 Elder Argyle continues to do what he does best.  Lots of success in the mission field.

 And he got the chance to meet Elder Holland.   Pretty much his favorite Apostle.  And mine.
Are you allowed to have favorite apostles?  Well if you are, he is definitely the favorite.  Tanner had a cool experience when Elder Holland was talking to the missionaries.  He asked a question that no one seemed to be answering with the specific answer he was looking for.  Tanner said after twenty or so tries he raised his hand and answered and it was exactly what Elder Holland was looking for.  After that he kept referring back to Tanner while he spoke.  It was a good moment for Elder Argyle.
 Kiki and I got to sneak away one night and go to her favorite spot, Torchy's Tacos.  
We (Reynolds PTO board) put on a pretty amazing Teacher Appreciation week at Reynolds Middle School if I must say so myself.  Man!  that was a big project.

 And so was this:  The Prosper Annual prayer breakfast that Prosper Ladies Association sponsors.  

 My family was great to me on Mother's Day.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of my traditional Mother's Day corsage.  It was really beautiful.
 But of course the best part of Mother's day for me was seeing that missionary boy of ours who comes home in a few short months.

 The sun is shining and that means that the end of school is just around the corner.
These boys went swimming early in the month.  
 We went to Lindsey's house one day for a family get together and Lindsey let McKinley try on her tacky formal that she ordered for a party.  Wow.  That is all I can say.  Just wow.
 The girls had fun at their 2016 cheer party.  All three squads were there and they learned who their "big sisters" were.
 This made me smile.  My dad's watch on my little man one day at church.  
 McKinley's JV cheer squad at the spring football scrimmage.
 And we rounded out the month with dinner with some of our favorite people.  The Hennefers and Jettons who we have known...well.....forever.  There are few things better than ole friends.
I am grateful for a little breather from Institute and not having to prepare a lesson each week but I really do miss my class.  I have been so touched by the sweet notes and emails they have sent me.  I also am feeling good that I have passed the PTO President baton to a friend (at least for the next school year).  I will still serve on the board and run the big fundraiser for the year but I am not in charge.  I also have finished my service on the board of the Prosper Ladies Association which gives me more free time.  I will be the new vice chair for benevolence and perhaps will head that up next year when my friend Tiffany rolls off as Benevolence chair.

Jensen only has two semesters of school left and then she graduates.  It sounds like she wants to go to graduate school.  I am crossing my fingers for BYU Provo.  She sang in the devotional yesterday with her women's glee choir.  She looked so happy.  I know she is really enjoying her roommates and her frisbee team.  She loves BYUi.

The three babies at home basically can't wait for the end of school.  They need a chance to enjoy some free time.  They worked hard at school this year.  Both have been without phones now for quite a while (for different reasons) and I have to say I have enjoyed sending more time with them.  You see so much more of their faces when they aren't staring at a small screen all the time!

Needless to say, we are excited for Tanner to come home.  We are counting the days.  52 as I write this.  He already told me he can't wait to go shopping for casual clothes and eat my cheesecake!

Brent is doing really well at work and seems to really enjoy his job and his new supervisor.  He as in a car accident in April and suffered some pretty significant trauma to his leg.  He went to an orthopedic specialist but there is not much they can do for him.  He has been limping around for the last two months.  I hope he gets better soon.  

Happy June from the Argyles.


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