She was an answer to my prayer

Today I had a cool experience that I thought was share-worthy. This is one of those moments that I want to write about so that I don't forget it.

We have had what has seemed like an avalanche of bad news over the last few weeks. One thing after another!!!! I am going to spare you the details because quite honestly it is not anything worse than what many of you are experiencing right now. (Maybe I will blog about it in a few days when we know more.)
Needless to say, I have had occasional moments of overwhelming anxiety and discouragement. This morning was one. I got up to get ready for church and could barely bring myself to get out of bed! I am sure some of you can relate. To make matters worse, Brent had been up the entire night with his headache. (For those of you new to my blog, my husband has a chronic condition and has had the same headache now for 2.5 years. Some days are better than others and last night was really hard for him because he was out of one of his medecines.) Anyway, it didn't help that he wasn't feeling well because I worry about him, obviously.

I pushed through my downer mood and proceeded to get everyone ready for church (daylight savings didn't help matters much, btw). As we were driving to church I said a little prayer asking Heavenly Father to PLEASE help me fill my cup a little to get me through this next week. Remembering that it was fast and testimony meeting, I asked him to penetrate someone's heart so that they might say something that would be hope-ful and helpful to me.

Low and behold but who was the one to do it but my own 14 year old daughter! Jensen does not know everything that we are going through right now. However, she got up and bore her testimony and talked about how she had gone to her room last night and opened her scriptures, looking for something to read - like she does every night. She came across the story of Job. She wasn't familiar with it. She re-told the story briefly in her testimony and talked about how she hoped she could remember Job's faith and testimony because she knew that life was hard sometimes but Heavenly Father loves us and will see us through.

I just cried because I knew her message was for me. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. SHE didn't know it but I did. I told her how much her words had helped me on the way home.
I asked her what it felt like to be an answer to someone's prayer and she smiled.

I am so grateful we have been teaching our children the gospel. Today I was the beneficiary of it.


Shahna, Jensen has a sweet, beautiful testimony. I too was touched by her clarity and maturity in giving her testimony. I'm sure that you were not the only beneficiary of her sweet spirit today. I love her and am thankful to have her int he YW with us!
Chelsea said…
Jensen's testimony was so sweet and very timely for a lot of us, I think. I was blessed enough to have Reagan in the primary class I was substituting for today- she's such a great kid... Your children are darling :)
Natalie said…
Thinking of you.
Amanda said…
What a wonderful girl you have. Sending ((((hugs)))) your way.
danahicken said…
Hope things get better--I'll send an extra prayer your way.
Rachel T. said…
Awww that is so totally sweet it brought at tear to my eye. What a sweet sweet girl.
Shari said…
I don't usually cry when I read blogs....

can I blame it on daylight savings time too?
The Gillespie's said…
What a sweet experience. I do miss having y'all in the ward, and yes, Jensen is a sweet girl. Thanks so much for sharing.
Chesney said…
what an awesome experience. You are truly an inspirational family.
Sarah said…
we haven't talked forever-- you know i love you tons and wish you the best-- you have an AMAZING daughter, i hope mine will grow up to be like her :D
Wow, what a neat experience. Thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sure it was wonderful to receive an answer to prayer by your own beautiful daughter. How amazing.

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