Miss America, Miss USA, and the Tracy from The Biggest Loser

Saturday we went to Cooper's Fall Festival. It was a hoot. Reagan and McKinley won most original costume. They went as Miss USA and Miss America. the judge was Tracy from the Biggest Loser. (Tracy works out at my gym) I don't know if you watch that show but she is the one that is on the purple team and everyone hates her because she keeps winning all the challenges. Anyway, here are the two winners and the big loser. She HAS lost alot, BTW. She looks great!

Here is a picture of Brady as a cowboy (on his horse) too.

He didn't win the costume contest in his age group but I have to admit that the competition was pretty rough! The following day he won the contest at my grandparent's assissted living center. They had a TON of kids in costumes and I thought for sure there was not way he would beat out some of the other kids but he went up to the judge and "shot" her with his "guns" so I think he won by intimidation. :O)


emblair said…
LOVE the costumes! Your girls pull off very believable pageant winners. :) So gorgeous! And the story about Brady gave me a good chuckle.

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