Penance for being a negligent mom :O)

I was truly traumatized at the end of last year when I saw a picture of McKinley's class at the sock hop. She was the ONE AND ONLY GIRL NOT decked out in sock hop attire! I knew they were having a sock hop, they had advertised it heavily. But I thought it was one of those things like "pajama day" or "wear your favorite team jersey day" that was completely optional - take it or leave it. Little did I know that at our elementary school - sock hop is HUGE. Everyone goes all out for it! I felt so bad! (She actually told me that they year before she wasn't even allowed to be in the picture because she wasn't dressed in 50's attire!) Needless to say, I vowed to not let my little girls go another year UNsock-hop like. :O) Knowing that it came amidst a very busy time for me (planning Stake 11 year old campout, Stake Daddy Daughter Dance, hosting book club) I atleast had the forethought to enlist the help of a seamstress friend. We met her on a saturday and she let the girls pick out the color of their skirts. Didn't she do a great job?
Reagan and her friend, Alexa, at lunch on sock hop day
Thank you Sarah Rager, seamstress extraordinaire who made our poodle skirts!

They were so excited! My heart melted when Reagan gave me a HUGE hug and said "mom, thanks for getting us poodle skirts this year".

Sock Hop 2009


Amanda said…
ADORABLE! How sweet that they were so appreciative!
They look precious! I remember having a poodle skirt growing up that I loved. How fun! The pics in the post below are totally cute too! Your girls are so beautiful. And, I can't even recognize Tracy. I'm watching Biggest Loser, but I don't think I would have even known that was her without you saying something. She looks awesome!
Sarah said…
those girls are such sweethearts!!!

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